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Tips on making more sales: Easy and effective ways to bring in more customers.
To us businessmen in this eCommerce Industry, most of us had to suffer (or still suffering) from not making profit. We worked endless nights, wondering what could possibly gone wrong, everything seemed so smooth and all – it may be that nobody knows your brand, your products may not be good enough, or some even got into troubles that the customers wanted to buy already, but failed to do so in the last second. Today, I will answer all those questions for you. And believe me, they are not that hard to do.
eCommerce platforms: What are there in stores ? Comparisons between most famous eCommerce platforms
In order to sell things online, most of us require a website. A website to track on how good things are sold, how interest are our customers, their hobbies, which products sell the most,…. Everything to help you understand not only your customers but also your products as well. If you are about to do some eCommerce activities, it is important to know how many are they, how good they are, how much they can do,.. overall what suits you best. Different platforms offer different features, but they all give you an opportunity to build your own branded online store front to sell products. We’ll review the top 10 options for you to decide which one will help you the most.
Some new features on Magento 2.3
Magento version 2.3 brings some features to improve UI, UX, and performance. For example, it has a friendly page builder and able to asynchronous API. Besides, Magento 2.3 provides a feature which is MSI - Multi Source Inventory that allows store owners to use function multi-stock on many locations.
5 Best Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extensions
Are you confused of finding out the best one step checkout extension for your Magento 2 website? Let's figure it out through this post!
What makes Magento 2 outstanding Magento 1?
This post demonstrates interesting facts that not everyone know about Magento 2, let's take a look!
Reasons to give free gifts instead of decreasing the price
The post demonstrates why business should give free gifts to customers instead of decreasing the price and recommend Magento 2 Free Gift extension to run the strategy effectively.
When engaging in the e-Commerce, do you want to have benefits? Of course, this depends on the kind, the scale and preferences of your business. There are some benefits that you will have if you engage in e-Commerce in MageWorld. MageWord will help you increase the efficacy of the tool to business, enrich revenue and strengthen your operations as well as process.
How to install mApple theme with additional extensions
What Should You Prepare For A Free Gift Program?
As a smart owner, you had better understand what your customers are desiring and what they would like to receive more other than their purchases. Everyone also wants to be given free gifts and especially in the shopping season, free gifts will encourage them to buy and spend more and more money. Meanwhile, a detailed strategy of giving free gifts can guarantee efficiency and pervasiveness.
Infographic: Spending Predictions for Christmas 2015
Santa Claus is about to come to all of you and Christmas seems to be suffused over the world. As an online business, it can be one of the last chances to boost sales in the year end occasion
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