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Reasons to give free gifts instead of decreasing the price
The post demonstrates why business should give free gifts to customers instead of decreasing the price and recommend Magento 2 Free Gift extension to run the strategy effectively.
7 common Magento problems and Solutions
You are an experienced Magento developer or you are just a newbie to this platform. It can’t be denied that during time exploring Magento, you meet many common issues, but they can be crucial ones. In this post, we would like to share with you 7 most common Magento Problems plus Solutions to it.
Breakthrough Your Sales In Valentines Season
Valentine day is the occasion for couple to show love and more importantly it is when you, store owners, prepare your plan to share the love, along with boosting sales for your ecommerce magento store.
Top Useful Tips On How To Choose Best Magento Extensions
Magento market currently offers abundance of extensions; every week, when you log in on Magento Connect, you see many newly released extensions. Approximately, there are more than 6,000 free and paid extensions available for you to choose from. That is such a huge range of selections. Let’s take an example of Free Gift extension: there are more 50 Free Gift extensions available on Magento Connect. So if you are in need of free gift extension, how can you make the right decision? The following useful tips will resolve this difficult question for you in order to have the best extension suitable with your demand.
How to set up sending emails on localhost for magento
You are a developer? You would like to send emails after customer’s registering, purchase, newsletter subscription, or order completed notification, etc. However, your website is just on localhost, which does not support sending email (some tools allows but not many).
Top 5 Sites For Magento Developers To Learn
Hey magento developers, enjoy our list 5 top sites for you to learn magento!
Infographic: 4 Useful Tips To Make Your Follow Up Email More Effective
Holla, Do you know that more than 67% of shoppers abandon shopping carts during their checkout? Knowing the art of following these shoppers can bring great benefits for your business. Today I will share with you 4 tips (including a powerful tool) to help you increase efficiency of Follow Up Email. Check out this infographic!
Early Christmas Syndrome: Get Magento Stores Ready Right Now
It is just the beginning of autumn and thinking of rhythm like “jingle bell jingle bell..” seems too early, right? Have you had any idea for the biggest holiday season of the year? At the present, people tend to start shopping for holiday earlier than ever before. It is often called “early Christmas syndrome”. Hence, if you prepare your store earlier, the more profit you can get.
Reward Point Pro Tutorial: How to reward points for Facebook activities?
Reward Point Pro is a very useful extension of Mage World to increase sales and enhance customer services. Reward your customers for interacting on your site and they are sure to reward you by returning more often. To give customers the ability to earn points bases on their behaviours, you need to set specific rule for them. There are currently 15 defined actions, basing on customer behaviours. Let’s learn how to create a new reward rule for Facebook Like action then you can do the same with the Facebook Send Message action.
Five tips for accelerating sales in any ecommerce website
Ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular over the past ten years. Currently, almost all businesses in the world have their own website and try to optimize its profits with a wide range of marketing tools.
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