Reward Point Pro Tutorial: How to reward points for Facebook activities?

29 Jun 2013
Reward Point Pro is a very useful extension of Mage World to increase sales and enhance customer services. Reward your customers for interacting on your site and they are sure to reward you by returning more often. To give customers the ability to earn points bases on their behaviours, you need to set specific rule for them. There are currently 15 defined actions, basing on customer behaviours. Let’s learn how to create a new reward rule for Facebook Like action then you can do the same with the Facebook Send Message action.

1. Obtain API Key

To begin, you must obtain API id and Key and Application Secret from Facebook.

Step 1: Go to Log in by your Facebook account to access the apps developer page.

Step 2: Create a new app.

 create new



-          Name it then click Continue. Put the Require captcha then your app is ready. You will be directed to the Reward app page.

Note: If it is the first time you are there, follow instructions to verify your Facebook account and become an apps developer. In order to verify your account, you must be able to receive text message from Facebook. Register Facebook Mobile first by putting your phone number in the Mobile Settings section from Account Setting of your Facebook account.  After you are a Facebook Developer, create the apps as the instruction.




-          Now you got your App ID. Disable the Sandbox Mode to make the apps live.

-          Put your website there to integrate your Facebook account with your website.

Step 3: Go to ConfigurationSystem -> Configuration -> Mage World -> Reward Points Pro -> Facebook Config

-          Put the API into the Facebook Application Id and Key.  





2. Create and edit Customer Behavior Rules

You can easily add a new rule by going to Promotions => Reward Points => Earning Rules => Customer Behavior Rules from the backend.

-          Name the new rule in the Rule name field as Facebook Like

-          Choose the behaviour you want to reward customers at the Reward for field. In this case, you will choose Facebook Like

-          Enable the rule to active it in the field Status. You can inactive the rule by changing it to disable at anytime.

-          Choose the Store View as All store views

-          Choose customer groups can be rewarded within the rule as you want.

-          If you want to use Expire Time of the default configuration, tick on the check box Use default point expiration time. Or you can set the Reward Points Expire time for every reward behavior rule manually by putting the number of days in the Reward Points Expire in field likes 30 days.

-          Add the number of point you want to reward customers at Reward Point field. For example 5 points every time a customer like your product.

-          Do the similar process to create Facebook Send Message rule.

 Create Rule



3. Click Save button.

By now you have done setting a normal customer behaviour rule. However, with the Facebook Like and Facebook Send Message behavior, you need to show the Facebook Like button.


4. Show the Facebook Like button.

-          Please go to the file:



-          Find the code:

<?php if ($_product->getShortDescription()):?>


-          Insert this code before the above code

<?php echo Mage::helper('rewardpoints/data')->getDisplayFacebookLike();?>

Now the frontend will have the Facebook Like button like this:




From now on, every time a customer likes your product, he/she will be rewarded 5 points. This is the end of our topic. We will be back with more instructions.

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