MageWorld Reward Points Policy


What’s the MageWorld rewards program?


The Reward Points program is our customer reward  program, allowing customers to receive incentives and reward points on every purchase of a theme or extension as well as reward points for all other actions on our site (such as registering, posting product reviews, subscribing to the MageWorld Newsletter, referring friends etc).


How does it work?


Reward points will be directly added to your account as soon as you complete certain actions in the Mage-World Store. You can use those reward points towards the purchase of any extension or theme from Mage-World.


Please see the details of the program as follows:


Activity Reward

Registration at the MageWorld Magento store              

50 Points
Subscription to the MageWorld Newsletter 50 Points
Review purchased MageWorld extensions or themes  
50 Points

Purchase any theme or extension                

Bulk purchase of 3 modules   100 Points
Bulk purchase of 5 modules 200 Points
Bulk purchase amount of $500-$999       250 Points
Bulk Purchase amount of $1000-$1999   1000 Points
Bulk Purchase amount of $2000+      3000 Points
The first purchase of a referred friend 100 Points
The subsequent purchases of a referred friend 50 Points

  *10 points equal $1

**There is no time limit for expiry of reward points on purchase.

All reward points are accumulated based on your order or actions. For example, if there are 3 products: A and B (25 reward points for each), C (20 reward points) and the total price for the 3 products is $500, the points you will earn when registering an account and purchasing all 3 above products will be:

25 + 25 (reward points for purchasing product A and B) + 20 (reward points for purchasing product C) + 100 (Bulk purchase of 3 modules) + 250 (Bulk purchase of $500-$999) + 50 (Registration at Mage-World Magento store) = 470 points

All the points for these actions will be added to your account. You can check your total Reward points balance at My Account > My reward points.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us.

 Updated on Mar 5th 2013

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