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Affiliate Pro

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Magento Affiliate Extension

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Let Your Affiliates Promote Your Business for You

See Affiliate Pro for Magento 2

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Regular Price: $197.00

Special Price $99.00

Magento Compatibility:

+ CE 1.4.X, 1.5.X, 1.6.X, 1.7.X, 1.8.X, 1.9.X
+ PE 1.9.X, 1.10.X
+ EE 1.10.X, 1.11.X, 1.12


Highlighted Features

  • Multi-level marketing (Featured)
  • Support multiple affiliate programs (Featured)
  • Create flexible rules for program, based on catalog rule and cart orders (Featured)
  • Handle sale affiliate tracking automatically via cookie, client IP and client accounts
  • Support affiliate referral code for offline marketing (Featured)
  • Allow to create unlimited programs with fixed or percentage commission and discount (Featured)
  • Allow to create affiliate group and apply program rules on specific groups
  • Per-product commission and discount tracking, even on orders with multiple products and multiple programs
  • Apply program by maximum commission, maximum discount or priority for products(Featured)
  • Automatically close program after valid period
  • Auto-subtract commission in case of refunding or cancelled order(Featured)
  • Maximize referral potential by full-supporting recent referrals (provide links and banners for sharing on Facebook, twitter, blog, website... and via email)
  • Email confirmation and notification for both admin and clients (new members, new programs, balance change ...)
  • View affiliate transaction (always auto-update balance change with detailed comments)
  • Easy manage affiliate member and their history (full information storing)
  • Encryption for affiliate referral link to protect client's privacy

For Your Affiliates

Sign up Affiliates and manage new accounts
  • Easy to sign up new affiliates using Magento’s sign up form or your own customized form.
  • Easy to update referral accounts.
  • Support Flash Banners or Direct Referrals.
Track commission/discount and transaction history
  • Affiliates can evaluate their performance by new visual report: NEW
    • Line chart displays total sales generated by affiliates and total earned commission during a period
    • The pie charts show sources of commission
  • The invitation report allows to see the results of sharing such as total click, sign-ups, subscriptions, - purchases.
  • The affiliate will earn a commission and the referred customer could also get a discount
  • Easy to manage and track affiliate transactions with detailed commission and discounts for each product
  • Redesigned and optimized 'My Affiliate Account' front end including view of their 'Affiliate network'.
  • Easy to manage and track credit.

Credit usage and Payment
  • Two ways to use credit (withdraw or apply to new purchases)
  • Select defined payment method. Decide to withdraw manually or automatically (Featured)
  • Support multiple payment methods including bank transfer, offline payment and paypal (Featured)

Refer friends
  • Easy to broadcast referral link and earn commissions (Featured)
  • Easy to connect and share on facebook, twitter, google buzz, and etc
  • Easy to send referral link to friend via email or messenger
  • Allow to import contact from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, America Online, CSV, text file...
  • Easy to post referral link and affiliate banner on website, blog, forum...
  • Easy to share referral link (refer friends) from any category or product page
  • Easy to manage and track referral visitors and invitation history
  • Use referral code for offline marketing (Featured)

Always update Affiliate information with email notification
  • Notified when account is approved
  • Notified when new program is added or balance has changed
  • Notified when customer purchases order

For the Administrator

Manage Affiliate accounts
  • Easy to create and manage affiliate groups
  • Easy to approve and manage affiliate accounts and assign affiliate to specific group
  • Support auto sign-up for affiliate when customer creates account NEW
  • Support auto approve affiliate account
  • Support option to automatically reassign affiliate to affiliate group when automatically signup affiliate.
  • Support reassign affiliate parent manually

Create and manage multi-level marketing
  • Set commission by Affiliate level (direct referral and upper-level referral can get commission with defined rate)
Manage payment and transaction history
  • Set up different withdrawal fee for each payment method by amount of money or percentage NEW
  • Easy to manage and track credit transactions
  • Easy to manage and process withdraw requests, support exporting pending withdral requests to CSV (Featured)
Manage invitations
  • Easy to create and manage affiliate banners with specified link
  • Support Ajax invitation form for category, product and CMS page
  • Support Affiliate Widget
Email Notification setting
  • Email templates are available for both administrators and referrals
Manage commission and discount
  • Easy to manage and track affiliate transactions with detail commission and discount for each order and product
  • Allow admin to create flexible rules for affiliate program NEW
    • Multiple-discount tracking for different orders’ order items... (Hot)
    • Option to 'Hold' commissions for defined period
    • Apply program on specific products, specific categories
    • Create conditions, based on catalog rule and cart rules
    • Apply program on products with specific attributes conditions (Hot)
    • Apply program on whole order. Ex: order greater than $500, order with more than 2
    • Apply program on specific affiliate group (Hot)
    • Allow to assign program to multiple affiliate groups NEW
    • Allow to set program commission and discount
    • Allow to assign category and product to program
    • Allow to set active period (from time to time) for program
    • Easy to view total member and total commission of program
    • Easy to manage and track program transactions

  • The performance of affiliates is visualized through line chart and pie chart: NEW
    • Line chart displays the total sales generated by affiliate, total commission and total referral discount.
    • Pie charts show the percentages of sales/commission generated by different sources and programs.
  • The statistics summarize important numbers such as total sales generated, commission, top affiliates, etc.
  • See at a glance who generates the most referrals and additional income
  • Show report of affiliate sales by period.
  • Show report of referral sites by period.


+ new feature added
* bug fix

v4.1.2 (March 01, 2018)

+ Update to be compatible with magento Open Source version 1.9.3.x

v4.1.1 (December 08, 2015)

+ Update to be compatible with new security patch SUPEE-6788

v4.1.0 (March 23, 2015)

+ New visual graphs report (backend & frontend)

+ Re-design the inviatation page (frontend)

+ Add the ability to tie a withdrawal fee to each payment method (configuration in backend)

+ Upgrade to compatible with Magento CE 1.9.x and Mangeto EE 1.14.x

v4.0.3 (January 7, 2014)

+ Modify information of Affiliate Network at Frontend

+ Allow to manage (edit/delete) affiliate websites on Frontend and Backend

+ Update to Export CSV file of Manage Withdrawals at Backend

+ Update translation text

v4.0.2(Dec 26, 2013)

+ Allow admin set to Enable or Disable for Withdrawal function at Frontend

v4.0.1(Sep 30, 2013)

+ Support pay per lead (commission for referral sign-up/subscriber) and pay per visitor

+ Support direct referral (allow affiliate to define and verify referral website)

+ Support Affiliate Widget

+ Update importing email features

+ Support flash banner

+ Support automatically payment via PayPal

+ Allow holding commission for a define period

+ Allow affiliate to view their affiliate network

+ Allow admin to set payment processing fee under percentage format

+ Redesign and optimize functions for My Affiliate Account from frontend

v3.6.1 (April 05, 2013)

+ Update Mcore

+ Update text, customer information

+ Reorganize tabs

v3.5.2.7 (March 01, 2013)
+ Add payment gateway check

v3.5.2.6 (January 14, 2013)
+ Update translation text

v3.5.2.5 (November 13, 2012)

+ Allow admin to select counting commisison by product within/without tax.

v3.5.2.4 (November 07, 2012)
+ allow to import contact from popular email
* update text
* fixed bug not load when changing payment method

v3.5.2.3(October 23, 2012)

+ Assign affiliate to group when auto-approve registration in configuration

+ Set Affiliate parent for affiliate member

+ Add checkbox for signing up email notification and update email template for new frogram.

v3.5.2 (September 19, 2012)

+ Allow to set commission limtitation per affiliate group (limit commission by group)

v3.5.1 (September 13, 2012)

*Fixed bugs of commission limitation

v3.5 (September 2, 2012)
+ Allow to update status of affiliate transaction manually
+ Allow to update status of affiliate transaction by CSV
+ Add config option that allow to add commission or discount for affiliate when they purchase product by themselve
+ Add config option that allow to add or subtract commission by order status

v3.4 (August 27, 2012)
+ Add referral sites
+ Add bank tranfer method
+ Assign banner to group or affiliate member
+ Affiliate report: Sales, Inviation, Referral sites

v3.3.2 (August 15, 2012)

+ Add this code to anywhere in the .phtml file to display "Invite Friend" block on frontend.
<?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('core/template')->setTemplate('mw_affiliate/customer/account/invitation/invite_form_ajax.phtml')->toHtml(); ?>

v3.3.1 (July 13, 2012)

* Fixed bug of performance (Optimization for site of 100k affiliates)


* Fixed error currency 


+ Add payout for member affiliate

+ Add tab credit history 


+ Fixed bug program rule "item quantity"


+ Fix bug auto withdrawal


+ Allow admin to limit commision by customer (by total commission)

+ Invitation Ajax form is added{{block type="core/template" name="invitation_form_ajax" as="invite_form_ajax" template="mw_affiliate/customer/account/invitation/invite_form_ajax.phtml"}}+ Multi-level commsion and discount tracking.

+ Fix bug total member program
+ Fix bug collection

+ Allow admin to set specific store for program (displaying at frontend included)
* Fixed error that relates to single store view
* Fixed error that related to "save and continue edit" when add new group
* Fixed error loose information of inserted when edit program

+ Add flexible rule for affiliate program

* Fixed error that is related to privilege

+ Manage affiliate by group
+ Refferal code added
* Fixed calculating error on grouped product

+ Override default registration form now is optional

+ Allow to manage payment gateway in backend
+ Add affiliate registration page with specific URL: affiliate/accountnew/createaffiliate
Ex. http://www.mage-world.com/index.php/affiliate/accountnew/createaffiliate.

+ Extension release


  1. great support review by Miro

    TOP SUPPORT !!! Thank you a lot!!!
    Great extension!

  2. Good value review by josh - mrb-supply.com

    Initially I was set to go with another developers extension but when I found out their "pro" version did not include their full features and I would have to buy multiple add-ons. I opted for mage-world instead and I am not disappointed. It has more features at the price-point than any of the competitors versions. It is also very intuitive for the customer with little explanation required to a customer on using all the features.

  3. Great Product review by DSVL - dejavutrends.com

    Great Product. Very Helpful.

  4. Outstanding support review by Ebischek - CGAMES

    I would like to share my opinion about mage-world and the affiliate extension.
    I bought this extension 3-4 months ago. I was between the Affiliate Pro 3 and a extension from a other company.

    I really wanted a auto-withdraw feature but needed the "tax calculation" feature from the other extension. I wrote a support e-mail and was told this feature will be added in the next days.
    I think 3-4 days later I got a e-mail from the support that the feature was added ( v3.5.2.5 (November 13, 2012) ).

    I purchased it and are using Affiliate Pro 3 now since 2 Months. In these months I faced some issues nothing really outstanding but each time I got a solution after 2-3 e-mails.
    I say e-mails because due the time difference.

    Overall I must say I'm very happy the only thing I miss or better my affiliate is the possibility to export a detailed review of clicks/registered/purchases of each day/week/month from the affiliate control panel.

  5. Wonderful extension - Highly recommend review by Jason - Fractalwater.com

    I am so pleased with the support that MageWorld has offered throughout our install of affiliate pro 3. The product works wonderfully and Hai is always quick to respond with curious and knowledgeable answers. I highly recommend MageWorld.com for your next Magento project!

  6. Incredible review by Louisa

    This extension is incredible. I’ve never known there was such a great extension like Affiliate Pro 3. The support is excellent, they are quick and helpful.

  7. Works great, reporting not quite there, but overall - awesome review by Brian - Banksashby.com

    It works great, just not how i need it. That said - the service is fantastic, and always rapidly responds. Turns out, i needed Reward Points Pro.

  8. Amazing review by Vanriper

    Definitely amazing, we are using this Affiliate Pro 3 and we really enjoy its helpful features. Thanks a lot, Mage World.

  9. Excelent extension and support review by Marcos - Kalliope.com.ar

    Exelente extension, very clear functionality, easy instalation and operation, and above all an excellent support!!!

  10. Recommended for every one review by Ader345

    My company started an ecommerce site used magento and one of the most importance for us is affiliate plan. We chosen this extension and we are 100% satisfaction about this. Recommended for every one.

  11. Perfect| review by Hewson

    Simple and Perfect

  12. Perfect review by Bonnie

    We are using Affiliate Pro 3 and we're happy with the functionality of this extension. It has all functionality of Affiliate Program and works perfectly.
    I also got great support when I had a question!

  13. Nice extension, Best support review by Stormy

    I'm using this extension and here is my comments:
    +, It works exactly as advertised
    +, The extension are well written code. It is very clean and easy customize the extension
    +, The price I think is fair for the great extension with a lot of features
    +, And finally The support is really good: quickly, professional and friendly.
    5 stars + for Mage World

  14. Excellent extension and support review by MaryBella

    The extension is really good and it makes everything it says, and it's REALLY easy to use. Even for a beginner like me, I could configure it in 2 minutes.
    Overall the support is great! Submitted the issue and after few hours received the update :D

    I'd really recommend this extension for its easy functionality. Look forward for updates!

  15. Absolutely Amazing! review by JaneB

    I've got to say, that I had no idea what to expect when installing this program, but was blown away once we were setup. Initial installation is a breeze, and setup was quick and easy. We had a couple of bug issues that were immediately corrected by customer support and we were off and running.

    The frontend is aesthetically pleasing, and very user friendly. There isn't a bunch of confusing mumbo-jumbo to cross users up, but instead everything is laid out well with ease of use in mind. Having worked with some other affiliate programs in the past, this is light years ahead of simplicity!

    The backend is just as easy to setup as the frontend, and everything is streamlined helping you to be off and running in minutes. Integration into Magento is seamless, and setup couldn't be any simpler.

    Customer service has been outstanding both through email communication and instant messenger. You cannot go wrong with this program, and it's easily worth double what they are asking. You won't be sorry if you decide to purchase.

  16. Desirable extension review by Nelson

    This tool works perfectly, i can not imagine how a more desirable extension looks like.

  17. Nice module, Good Support review by jenny

    I bought and tried to use an affiliate module from another provider, however then I had to stop this because the module is very poor. Now I'm using the module from Mage World and it works well. Moreover They always support me for any question.Thanks.

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    The extension works fine. This is one of the best extensions I bought. Totally satisfied. I really recommend it.

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    This is great extension. I have it working without any error. I will buy more products from MageWorld.

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    I rarely give reviews for commercial products but Affiliate Pro deserves 5 stars. It works seamlessly and integrates neatly and it's so intuitive. Congratulations to the team. Excellent support. See? All those caffeine-fueled late nights were worth it.

  21. The best affiliate system finally met review by jackyG

    Before I bought Affiliate Pro, actually I have spent to other affiliate system, I have to make a new try to purchase Affiliate Pro because this module can bring me more function which I really want. It can show a single refer link, also can display each "product" with an affiliate link automatically, smooth and looking professional.

    I have met some bugs after install it, although it take about 1 month to fix my problem, but I still say they offer a great products and excellent service. Thank you admin, I high recommend here every Magento users you should use this affiliate system !

  22. Super incredible service support and extension review by ManuelZila

    I had an installation problem and the technician answered in just 5 minutes, excellent communication, super helpful and quick. The technician personally installed and configured the extension!
    The reliable value for money is excellent
    Highly recommended

  23. Super module review by Toni

    This is one of the best module I used. It works fine on my site, I installed it quickly. I recommend.

  24. I love this extension review by Mac

    This is a great extension, my clients love it!
    The support was quickly when I had a problem with the installation!

  25. Best extension review by Robin

    I'm developer and I used this extensions for some clients. Here are my reviews:
    1, Easy to Install and configuration
    2, Manual is good to understand
    3, Good coding, Easy to customize

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    Good extension, I had small problems and they fixed this quickly and helpful. Thanks for such great extension.

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    Perfect extension- It works exactly like as advertised. Did exactly what I need.Thanks for all. Highly recommended.

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