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Reward Points Pro for Magento 2

Back-end demos (demo/demo123456)

Magento 2 Reward Points Extension

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A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profitability 75% - Bain & Company
  • Customer get reward by their behaviors
  • Use point to purchase order
  • Sell product by point
  • Allow customer invite friends and share to get reward
See Reward Points Pro for Magento 1

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Magento Compatibility:

+CE 2.1.x, 2.2.x
+EE 2.1.x,2.2.x


For The Store Owners

Manage Earning Rules
  • Create flexible catalog rules (Reward points for specific products, brands, categories or any other product attribute. Reward points can be fixed or a percentage of product price)
  • Set and import reward points in bulk for specific product manually via CSV
  • Create flexible shopping cart rules (Reward points basing on total order, quantity, SKU or any other item attribute. Reward points can be fixed or a percentage of money spent)
  • Set reward points for customer behavior (Registering, Signing Up for the Newsletter, Posting a Product Review, Voting in a Poll And Inviting and Sharing with Friends)

Manage Spending Rules
  • Create flexible spending rules basing on cart conditions
  • Allow customers to use points on all or certain products
  • Disable using points on all or certain products
  • Allow to use unlimited, fixed reward points or a percentage of money spent
Track and Manage Customer Reward Points
  • Track the point transaction history of all or specific customers
  • Track and manage customer reward points directly on the customer account editing page
  • Allow the adding or subtracting of reward points by admin to customers with a space for comments
  • Import customer reward points in bulk via CSV
  • Admin can reward and redeem points when creating or editing an order at the backend
  • Total rewarded points and redeemed points displayed by line chart/table
  • Percentages of rewarded points for different groups of rewarded activities (Purchase, Signup, Review, Referral, etc.) shown on pie chart/table

For Your Customers

Reward Customer Behavior
  • Reward Customers for Registering on your web site
  • Reward Customers for Signing up for your Newsletter
  • Reward Customers for Posting a new Product Review (Approved by Admin Required)
  • Reward Customers for Voting in a Poll
  • Reward for Customer Birthdays
  • Reward for Special Events (Support both refferal link and RP coupon)
  • Reward for Facebook Like
  • Reward for Facebook Share
  • And much, much more! (With our easy Customization)

Reward Customer Purchases
  • Reward points based on specific products, brands and categories (Catalog Rule)
  • Reward points based on customer’s total purchase with flexible conditions (Shopping Cart Rule)
  • Reward fixed points or by percentage based on product price (Configured in Rule)
Reward Referrals
  • Reward Referral Visitors
  • Reward Referral Sign-Ups
  • Reward Referral Purchases ( With Different Reward Points for the First and Subsequent Purchases)
Use Reward Points
  • Use reward points to purchase products.
    • Redeem points with convenience slider in the shopping cart page
    • Allow to redeem points at the checkout page as well
    • Allows to use points for shipping fees / tax (Set by Admin)
    • Send reward points to friends
Track Reward Points
  • Customers can see reward points on many places (category / product page, registration page, sign up newsletter block...)
  • Review detail awarded points in shopping cart page, check total awarded points in mini cart / order reviews
  • Customers can check their reward points balance and expiry
  • Check Point-Currency exchange rate
  • Track their detailed transactions history
  • View transaction details with reward rule descriptions
  • Automatically notify customer when points expire
  • Notify customer of point balance update

Allow Customers to Invite and Share with Friends
  • Customers can invite friends via email to visit your web store
  • Customers can share your web store with friends via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google 1+,...)
  • Share a referral link on a forum, blog, messenger

Other Features

  • All features included in extension. No extra add-ons.
  • Set Point/Currency exchange rate
  • Set Reward point expiration period, if any
  • Set point increments when redeem
  • Choose applying Reward Points Before or After discount
  • Allow to redeem points for shipping fee / tax
  • Set maximum points allowed per account
  • Set minimum points required to be redeemed per purchase

  • Create your own reward point name and icon
  • Allow to send points to friends
  • Allow to sell product using points only
  • Show reward points promotion message / banner on shopping cart page
  • Email notification and template
  • Enable Web Service API
  • And many other flexible configurations.


+ New features added

* Fix bug

v1.3.0 (July 02, 2018)
+ Fix bug compile for lib foder, update tree folder and improve performance when apply rules

v1.2.0 (April 10, 2018)
+ Fix bug with Magento 2.2.x latest

v1.0.0 (February 01, 2018)
+ Build product compatible with magento 2.1.x, magento 2.2.x

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  1. Working well on Magento Community 2.2.3 review by Sherry

    Thank MageWorld! Your extension work well with my website. Will recommand for my partners.

  2. Working well on Magento Community 2.2.3 review by Kate

    Thank MageWorld! Your extension work well with my website. Will recommand for my partners.

  3. It is a good extension for reward points review by Simon

    Thank MageWorld team! I will recommend you for my partner.

  4. Pretty good module review by mark - 2dogrc

    I had the Magento 1 module and upgraded to this module. Mage-world helped with some css to match my theme. The module is easy to config and enough rules for you to be able to do anything.

    The only think I don't like are these banners that pop up when anyone does anything cart related that span across the website. "for using points,log in." These banners even pop up in the admin section when creating orders. Very much a nuisance, and hopefully will be removed in future versions.

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1. Copy folder app to magento root folder
2. Run php bin/magento setup:upgrade on SSH from magento root folder to install extension
3. Run php bin/magento cache:flush on SSH from magento root folder to flush cache
3. Go to backend and access to menu Reward Points Pro to manage your rule and change config as you wish.
If you have any problem please email to: support@mage-world.com.

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