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What Should You Prepare For A Free Gift Program?
As a smart owner, you had better understand what your customers are desiring and what they would like to receive more other than their purchases. Everyone also wants to be given free gifts and especially in the shopping season, free gifts will encourage them to buy and spend more and more money. Meanwhile, a detailed strategy of giving free gifts can guarantee efficiency and pervasiveness.
Increase Customer Loyalty by Reward Points Pro with only $149
MageWorld's sincere offer to help online business owners to retain their customers.
5 Important Steps For Running A Successful Follow Up Email
Nowadays, always following up customers is one of the most important strategies that business man take into serious consideration. This brings a lot of benefits for online stores at the current days and in the future such as retaining customers, increasing customer loyalty, building a better relationship with them and always keep your brand in their minds.
Infographic: Spending Predictions for Christmas 2015
Santa Claus is about to come to all of you and Christmas seems to be suffused over the world. As an online business, it can be one of the last chances to boost sales in the year end occasion
What Common Mistakes Magento Users Often Commit?
With Magento extensions, store owners can set up the best functions for their own websites based on their objectives for Marketing, Management and so on. Therefore, they are wonderful choices for improving websites and enhancing efficiency to reach the highest result of making more and more profits. However, to get these things is not an easy work if Magento users do not have obvious plans or guidelines because they can make many mistakes and cause websites to be dead or not productive.
Some Factors Impact Buyers During Checkout Process
Consumers’ buying decision is one of the most important things every store owner take concerns and make a lot of plans or strategies to encourage them. This is not really an easy work because consumers are influenced by so many different factors, not only product quality but also service quality or even their emotions when shopping and especially checking out.
5 ways to enhance shopping experience for online customers
If you have an e-commerce business, and you want online shoppers to buy from you, you need to be able to quickly attract their attention – and make the shopping experience pleasant and easy.
Reward Points: Giving To Receive More From Customers
One of the most popular tools or marketing strategies that almost online business is carrying out is rewarding points for customers to both express thanks of stores and create a voluntary condition to come back at least once more time. You reward buyers by points and they use these points to buy products from your own store. It is like the circulation of give-and-take issue.
Enjoy 15% OFF All Magento Extensions for 2015 Shopping Season
MageWorld is glad to announce our biggest offer in the year to assist your e-business for the upcoming year end shopping season.
4 Tips To Optimize Affiliate Program For The Upcoming Holiday Season
In the special occasions such as holiday season, affiliate programs play more and more important role in spreading promotions easily and increasing sales effectively. Although setting up an affiliate program is not a difficult task, the most necessary thing we should take into consideration is that how to optimize it for shopping season.
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