Five tips for accelerating sales in any ecommerce website

08 Mar 2013
Ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular over the past ten years. Currently, almost all businesses in the world have their own website and try to optimize its profits with a wide range of marketing tools.

Do you own one of those websites? If yes, you may be interested in the five following tips for accelerating your sales:

Tip 1: Giving more gifts to your customers to increase their purchase motivation
There is nothing more rewarding for a customer than to receive a free gift when they place an order.
It is the general psychology that people always love “free” things, especially free gifts. When a customer visits your site for the first time, eye-catching free gifts help attract them to find out more about your main products later on. Or when they tend to buy one of your products, the attached free gifts may motivate them to make the purchasing decisions faster.

Tip 2: Increase customer loyalty by rewarding points for every action on your site.
It would be great to catch the customers’ attention at first sight with free gifts. However, to increase the customer retention and build their loyalty, rewarding points is highly recommended. You can reward points for every action of customers such as signing up, buying products, posting product reviews, inviting friends to your site, etc.
Reward your customers for every action on your site and they will reward you soon by returning more often.

Tip 3: Make the checkout process faster to save your customers time
Let’s imagine that when you tend to buy one product on a website and you have to finish six complicated steps with annoying and unnecessary questions, do you feel annoyed? It appears to be the same case for every online customer. It is also the main reason why the rate of shopping cart abandonment is often high.
Then, in order to save customers time and increase the convenience in those cases, one of the practical solutions is to reduce as many unnecessary steps as possible. At the moment, “One Step Check Out” is the best solution. All your customers need to do is log in to their account and take advantage of one step ordering.

Tip 4: Build a larger network of affiliates to help popularize your site
Besides marketing on your own site, “affiliate marketing” is good for building large networks of those who can help you market the site everywhere and drive more sales from their potential sources.
Affiliate marketing is exactly an essential and effective sales tool for every online business. And you pay commissions only for performance when a promotion results in an actual sale.

Tip 5: “Hot deals” always attracts a lot of customers
At certain periods of marketing strategies, you may want to focus on some hot or highlighted products and carry out promotional discounts to attract more potential customers.
By using the time countdown, your customers will be tempted to purchase immediately before the expiry date.

All the above tips have been proven to be effective in reality. However, to implement those tips, sometimes it requires the support of additional extensions beyond the default functions which are often limited. About the additional extensions, it is easy to search for the appropriate ones on Google – one of the most powerful searching machines nowadays.

Notes: If you are using the Magento platform for your website, there are five extensions we highly recommend for you: Free Gift, Reward Points Pro, One Step Checkout Pro, Affiliate Pro and Daily Deal Extensions. You can find out more information about those extensions on one of the trustable websites below & take it into consideration for boosting your sales:

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