Top 5 Sites For Magento Developers To Learn

21 Nov 2014
Hey magento developers, enjoy our list 5 top sites for you to learn magento!

Hey developers,

Besides coding times, where do you often go around to get knowledge? Your friends, your instructors, your books or off-line meetings? All these sources are useful but may take you a lot of times to find and hook in.

Today I will share with you some “digital” places, which you don’t need to go far away from your computer but acquire much knowledge about magento.

Let’s enjoy a list of top 5 magento sites for you to learn.

Happy reading!


Magento Stack Exchange

Magento Stack Exchange is a question and answer forums for users of magento. Here are 3 reasons for you, magento developers, to participate in this forum more frequently:

  • Almost questions here are related to technical problems.
  • This is a total free forum. You don’t need to register but use your email to login more quickly.
  • One special thing is that Magento Stack Exchange has reputation and badges system, which means as you can earn knowledge and build reputation too. Answer to difficult questions, voted by others, your badges and reputation will increase. Many developers build their reputation and influence on that forum.

This is one of the most reliable places for you to learn from.


Magento Commerce Forums 

This forum has been disabled posting question forums for improvement stage, for raising questions; you can refer to the first resource. However, don’t miss it too early; the remaining posts are great sources for you to learn. This forum is classified clearly for each type of news:

  • Magento Annoucements: magento upgrade news, etc.
  • Magento Support: Installation Problems, Programming Questions, Security etc
  • Magento Mobile: Magento Mobile Pre-Sales & Community Support or Magento Mobile Feature Requests
  • Magento Go: As its name, all questions in this section are about Magento Go.
  • Magento Community: Magento Connect, Feature Requests, Suggestions and Feedback, Magento Licensing

Inchoo Blog

This blog belongs to a magento dev shop based in Eastern Europe; it includes information about ecommerce talks and easily-understandable guides about magento.


Classyllama Blog


 This blog belongs to Classyllama. It is all about ecommerce, coding problems and magento conferences. This is the must read magento blog when coding.


Magento Expert Forum


This forum is a reliable site for you to learn. It includes announcements, magento technical support, documents and tutorials, magento products and services, magento hosting, VPS, server option and configuration, marketing, SEO, SEM, Sales, templates & extension provider experiences and other platform issues.

If you do not have an account in this forum, be quick to create an account.

Which sites have you regularly visited and learned from? Share with us! If you want to have more resources for learning magento, you can refer to top 9 magento blogs to follow.

See ya’!

Image Source: Life Hack

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