Say goodbye to unnecessary pages with Easy Ajax Cart extension by MageWorld

Say goodbye to unnecessary pages with Easy Ajax Cart extension by MageWorld

26 Nov 2012
Have you received complaints from your customers about unnecessary pages redirecting when they make transactions? These uninvited pages really bother customers’ business, wasting their time as well as devaluing your services. So what should you do to get rid of such troublemakers? Easy Ajax Cart is the optimal solution for this situation.

Save shopping time for your customers and increase sales with One Step Checkout Pro by MageWorld

17 Nov 2012
Like in other fields, in e-commerce, time is an extremely important factor. How long a business does a transaction shows its professionalism and responsibility and even determines whether that business succeeds or not. Understanding this fact, many e-businesses are looking for a tool to speed up their works. One Step Checkout Pro extension by MageWorld absolutely meets this need.

Marketing Tips for Magento Stores

03 Jul 2012
Marketing is considered as the main focus of merchants when doing business in general and those with Magento-based stores in particular. One of the best ways to boost Magento e-Commerce stores’ performance is Affiliate Marketing. With this method, a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor/ customer gained by the affiliate's marketing efforts. Below are some helpful Affiliate Marketing tips to help your campaign run much smoother.

Useful Magento extensions for Magento Developers

19 Jan 2012
Magento developers should realize that simply having a good design for an Ecommerce website may not be that effective if some of the extensions provided by Magento are not used. These extensions assist in improving user experience and enhancing the look of a web site.

How premium magento extensions improved the Google AdSense earning

09 Jan 2012
How premium magento extensions improved the Google AdSense earning?You might have heard about the global integrations which are available for Google AdSense. Through them a lot of people are earning hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars.

Adding a Twitter feed in Magento

29 Jan 2012
As most of the Magento users would be aware of, there is no default option for twitter feed in Magento. If you wish to have twitter feed in your site, you will need to create it manually. We have discussed in this Blog the simple steps of adding a twitter feed in magento.

Make Magento themes better

08 Jan 2012
Nothing comes free in this world. In either way, we have to pay for it. And when it comes to the web world, we've to be a little more vary as most of the things that are offered free, don't remain intact from some or other kind of drawbacks. Similar is the case with Free Magento Themes that are immensely available in the web world and are being used by the Magento developers in a big way.
Upgrade magento theme from to

Upgrade magento theme from to

16 Jul 2010
Finally, Magento version has been released, and much improved since Here is the tip for fixing common theme issue while upgrading.
Adding a Static Block to your .phtml files in Magento

Adding a Static Block to your .phtml files in Magento

28 Jul 2010
Adding a Static Block to your .phtml files in Magento
Enable Template Path Hints

Enable Template Path Hints

06 Aug 2010
One of the most frustrating challenges in developing Magento is to figure out where the blocks are defined and where they are referenced.
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