What makes Magento 2 outstanding Magento 1?

01 Jan 1970
This post demonstrates interesting facts that not everyone know about Magento 2, let's take a look!

Magento 2 has been released since November, 2015 and believed to be a superior in contrast to the older version Magento 1. Going above the expectations of experts, Magento 2 updates new techniques and PHP open-source platform, simplifies its growing process. There are some advanced features to be mentioned of Magento 2 which are:

1. Use user-friendly strategy to better website’s interface
With the responsive design the user can connect to the store easily through computers or mobiles. Remember that from 21st, April 2015 Google will overvalue those sites which are friendly to mobiles.

2. Applications accelerates up to 25%
- A good news is Magento 2 supports the latest version of PHP(from PHP 5.5x) and includes PHP7 as well. Those versions fixed security bugs and included new updates.
- It’s no need for the user to install a third-extension to delete caches because Magento 2 allows flushing cache in the server.
- Magento 2 reduces and packages Javascript. We have new solutions for Js, so it can be less activities from clients.
- Image compression: Magento 2 provides tools to directly optimize images on the server. In Magento 1, we have to do it manually.
- Improve the site’s cache-handling progress for static contents.
- The users do not have to wait for loading all the page to see the main points, in Magento 2 it displays the content faster.

3. Easy to search for items

4. Magento 2 modules are easy to be packaged and used

5. The folders are easy to refactor and use

6. Use Composer, Zend 2 and Symfony

7. Mô hình source code sát với các chuẩn enterprise application

8. Backend and frontend interface are more friendly to users

9. Improved checkout module

- The checkout step has been improved and easier to use that the customers can purchase for their order without registering account. In addition, Magento 2 is able to detect registered customers automatically by analyzing their email address.
- The checkout process is now much more easier and faster that customers can create an account right after purchasing for an order and use the same information with the bill they has just complete.
- The shopping cart shows details of all products so the customers can follow their order and manage purchased-items easily.
- Purchase information are sent directly from websites to payment portals in a safely way.

10. SEO and security
- The passwords are enhanced protected by hasing algorithms (SHA-256)
- The diverse folders allows Search engines to improve searching results.
In conclusion, as you all known, in developing applications for businesses, the modules are always built separately to minimize the dependence on each other, easy to divide growing mission, assuring of no conflict for lifetime. Magento 2 has changed totally the source code of Magento 1 to a modern model, learning from Java Enterprise Application models as well as inheriting the availability of PHP interoperability technologies in recent years.
Magento 2 inherits a powerful functionalities system from Magento 1 and superior upgradations as well so the experts identify that Magento 2 will become stronger and wider. In addition, Magento 2 has changed a lot in technique section and this is a good point for developers to research and develop the modules comparing to Magento 1.