How To Get More Reviews For Your Business

How To Get More Reviews For Your Business

05 Sep 2014
Did you know that, according to statistics of, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase products/services when they find online recommendations. Never before have online reviews become more powerful than today. It is a wonderful tool to attract and convert more customers. Let’s see how to get many more customers reviews for your company.
One Step Checkout Pro: Right Decision For Your Magento Stores

One Step Checkout Pro: Right Decision For Your Magento Stores

03 Sep 2014
According to Baymard institude research, the average online shopping cart abandonment rate, which is updated in March 2014, is 67.91%. This creates a great concern by online store owners. In this post, we will discover a way that you can actively reduce this rate through a Magento extension – One step check out pro.
Discover Ways To Increase Average Order Value In Magento Stores

Discover Ways To Increase Average Order Value In Magento Stores

21 Aug 2014
You want to earn more revenue, right? There are several ways to boost your sales such as getting more customers, charging higher price, increasing repurchases, and increasing average order value. Depending on your business, the best way can be different. However, there is money on the table, if you concentrate on increasing average order value. Even with traffic fluctuations, your revenue maybe boosted due to higher value per purchase. Let’s discover optimization ways to increase average order value.

Experience to “make money” for small sites

26 Oct 2012
How to get profits from websites, especially sites getting small and medium amount of traffic is a difficult question for many e-business managers. The following experience will partly help those who concern get out of this difficulty.

E-commerce: 9 oft-made mistakes

20 Oct 2012
E-commerce or e-business is now a very popular concept to everyone. However, not all those people who engaged in e-commerce could understand and know what should be done and what should not. This article is going to provide you 10 main points you should avoid doing if you want to succeed in e-commerce.

Shopping online and non-ignorable experience

15 Oct 2012
When surfing the internet to do shopping online, you are always absorbed by a “matrix” of goods at very low costs. However, shopping online is not as easy as people thought. It is necessary for people to have basic knowledge so that everyone can buy cheap products and avoid risks.

SmartMenu - the effective tool to navigate products

06 Sep 2012
You have a commerce website but you may not gain your business efficiency as you want. Don’t worry about this any more, the SmartMenu – a magento extension of MageWorld will help you solve this problem.

Let MageWorld lead you to success

03 Oct 2012
As we all knew, every area has its certain difficulties, e-commerce is not an exception, especially in an increasingly developed world which has turned almost all of the aspects into the ones virtually operating and developing with the total support from the internet. Success is the purpose every businessman expected when starting to do e-commerce, but it is not likely easy to achieve.
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