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We definitely gain 40% more orders with “One Step Checkout” of MageWorld

"Your module works perfect. It is your support service that impresses me most. Besides, your flexibility in the support time also makes me satisfied."
David Malaver, Owner of LysaFlores

Customer Profile

Lysa Flores is an online flower shop with various types of fresh flowers for birthday parties, weddings, artistic decoration and other events. With the fast and professional service, Lysa Flores promises to be a very reliable flowers supplier in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Website: http://www.lysaflores.com


Success story of LysaFlores


    Why “One Step Checkout” extension?

    “Well, my first purpose of purchasing the One Step Checkout extension is that the default Magento checkout is very basic with too many steps to finish order and with a higher chance to lose customer. Moreover, as customers want to buy products on our flower shop, the delivery date and delivery time should be also included, which would be even an extra step in the default magento checkout. Now for only one step, I got a better checkout page with delivery time and delivery date included – said Mr. David Malaver.

    Why does David choose MageWorld as the supplier?

    “As you know, buying a module is also about trust and good reviews. To look for a Magento extension, I as well as most of people will usually check all modules on Magento Commerce first. I also check user reviews, and responses to that user from the company who develops the module on Magento Commerce extension page. I don’t often buy an extension directly from a website as there are a lot of beautiful but fake site with fake reviews. So if Magento Commerce give good reviews its easier buying a module,

    I must say that the extension of MageWorld did not impress me at first because I see almost no comment as I can remember on Magento Commerce. However, the extension of MageWorld also meets my requirements which the delivery date and delivery time are included. One more important thing, in my case, it is the other flower shop (one of our competitors) gave me that trust when they also use One Step Checkout of MageWorld.

    After using One Step Checkout, do you see any actual results

    “Yes, when I got more visitors, I saw visitors finishing orders easier; they could see all the information on one page. Actually, I can’t give you the exact statistics on the effectiveness of this extension but I can guarantee you that your module will definitely give 40% more orders comparing to default Magento checkout.

    “Your module works perfect. It is your support service that impresses me most. Besides, your flexibility in the support time also makes me satisfied”.