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Five extensions of MageWorld help us increase sales and support customers more easily

"MageWorld has exactly the extensions that I need. The most what I like is the service of your company. The support is always friendly and they help me also for all the questions I concern, even beyond their duty"
Anton Kuratov, Co-founder of Interchem Ltd,.Co

Customer Profile

Interchem Ltd,.Co was founded in 2007. Interchem specializes in both the sale of pharmaceutical goods and in consultation services, helping clients to progress with their projects in the most efficient and cost effective ways. Their main products range from high grade chemical reagents to research chemicals, plant extracts and laboratory equipment.

Website: https://www.rechemco.com

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Success story of Interchem


    Why does Interchemneed additional extensions beyond the default ones?

    Interchem sees that Magento is a great open source CMS, but its default functions are not enough fortheir business to maximize sales. For example, the biggest obstacle of the default Magento version is to require 6 steps to make a checkout. It is really a long and complicated process while customers do not like to spend much time on the website. If has found what he needs, he certainly wants to have a fast checkout. So the One Step CheckOut extension in this case is a very important one. It seems to be similar to the Reward Points extension. Rewarding points is a great tool to boost the sales. Besides, other extensions are also essential for their business such as “the Affiliate extension for supporting marketing campaigns” or “Help Desk” for making the customer support faster and better.

    Why do they choose MageWorld as the supplier?

    It’s the right time to find the supplier for all the above extensions. “We compared the prices and the functionality. MageWorld had more functions as their competitor and a better price” – said Mr. Anton. Finally, Interchem decided to purchase a lot of extensions from MageWorld:
    • One Step Checkout: to make the process faster and more conveniently.
    • Reward Point Pro: to build the customer loyalty & increase sales
    • Help Desk Pro: To manage the customer enquiries more conveniently.
    • Affiliate Pro: To increase sales through the potential sources of affiliates.
    • And many more others: Easy FAQ,…
    According to Mr. Anton –the co-founder of Interchem, “this investment was not waste of money”. Here are some of his feedbacks and actual results for Interchem
    • About the extensions in general: “MageWorld has exactly the extensions that I need & make every process in our website better”.
    • About the service: “The support is always friendly and the technical staff helps me also for all the questions I concern, even beyond their duty”
    • Especially, the results are very clear after using Reward Points Pro Extension: “90% of our customers who make a checkout exchange their reward points to get some discount. It means that reward points are really useful to build the customer loyalty & increase sales”.