How to Attract High Quality Affiliates to Boost Sales

03 Mar 2015
Let’s see best ways to attract more high – quality affiliates to boost sales for Magento Stores…

Getting the idea of running your own affiliate program is so great due to many benefits of affiliate marketing to your sales. In order to build a successful campaign, it is not easy. Preparation takes you much time including evaluating effectiveness, tartgeting marketers, choosing supportive tools, adjusting websites, etc. Starting with great expectation can turn into disappointment because no one signs up your program. What was wrong? Today, we will together go through some important points to attract more affiliates, especially high quality affiliates, to boost sales for your Magento stores.

1. Offering Competitive Commission

One of the most important analyses before running any campaign is doing research on competitors. We should know what they are offering, any special offers for high quality affiliate marketers. Will you offer the same, less or more?

 The answer depends on your business. If you are more well known and sells more products each month than rivals, there is no reason for offering higher commission because the chance for affiliates to make a sale is much higher.

However, if you are just a new comer and want to increase market share, you ought to offer more than other rivals to get attention first.

Importantly, the point is not only commission in general but your purpose is getting more high quality affiliates. Who do you think are high quality affiliates? – They should be people who run industries related to blogs or sites. These groups of affiliate should be given bonus commission, exclusive coupon and offers because they will send to your online store higher quality and converting traffic.

2. Your Program Needs To Be “Findable”

You have created a great affiliate program, however without anyone knowing about it, your program will be worthless. In order to attract affiliates marketers and obtain a successful affiliate program, your program needs be “findable”.

How can affiliate find your program?

- The main source that you must pay attention first is the information in landing page. It is official information so it should be precise, clear and attractive to persuade affiliate to click. The more important is the design of affiliate information on website. It should be easy to find and eye-catching to appeal marketers.

- Secondly, affiliates come from search engine make up for a large proportion. Therefore, you should make website SEO friendly and spread affiliate information well enough for customers to find your affiliate program easily.

- Forum is a good and free place for you to get awareness of your affiliate program. Make a list of forums where affiliate marketers visits regularly, and put some brief information and affiliate link sign up in your signature. Keep in mind the rules and terms of forums before taking action or you will be banned.

3. Provide Affiliate Supporting Tools

You know that the more you support affiliate with selling your products, the more likely they will try to sign up your affiliate program. With Magento Affiliate Pro extension, affiliates are provided with referral link, affiliate code, banner, etc. Affiliate will find it easy to post link to social networks, websites or design banner in their landing page.

If possible you should pre-write some articles related to your products such as reviews products, advices on using, purchasing, etc, it is absolutely useful and time saving for affiliate.

More important, if your affiliate program can create incentives for affiliate customers, it is helpful for affiliate to persuade customers to buy from them. Using Magento Affiliate module, you can set up discount for affiliate’s customers easily.

In Short

Creating an affiliate program and just leaving it is not enough to attract affiliates. Follow the above suggestion will go with you in the way of attracting and retaining high quality affiliates.

Grow your affiliate network, now!

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