3 Reasons To Choose Ajax Cart Pro For Magento Shops

16 Sep 2014
Have you known that you can potentially lose millions of dollar if there is a second delay on your ecommerce website? According to Cebr ‘s research, 20% of customers slip to other sites due to the reason – “Shopping process was taking too long”. Hence, why don’t you consider speeding up the page load time for a better customer’s shopping experience? Of course, you have many different choices to get rid of page load problem, however, the easiest way available in the market currently is Magento Ajax Cart Pro extension.

 In order to highlight the benefits of Ajax Cart Pro, in this blog post, I would like to show you a look over of this extension and its outstanding features.

 #1 Offer a seamlessly shopping experience

Basically, the purpose of Ajax Cart Pro is to simplify and speed up the shopping process. By using this extension, you will impress your customers with zero page reload when adding, removing or updating products.

-          The extension support all types of simple product, configurable, downloadable, virtual and bundle products, and by clicking “add to cart”, customers will not be redirected to the product page as in Magento default.

-          Customers can quickly select product options, quantity with Ajax pop –up.

-          It allows customers to compare products easily by adding product to compare list. 

 #2 Increase Conversion Rate

 As I mentioned at the beginning, the slow page loading create a significant amount of customers, who slip away to other faster site. Thus, since you have the Ajax Cart Pro extension installed, you can expect to keep customer in your shops as long as possible and increase conversion rate by at least 20%.

 In addition, since the process of adding or removing products is very simple and fast, customer don’t face any obstacles to add all products that they want. By this way, not only do you increase the conversion rate, but you also enjoy a higher average value order. 

 #3 Promote Sales with Coupon Code

 Many ecommerce store owners pay attention to the support of coupon code owing to that some extension doesn’t allow displaying coupon codes in the shopping cart page. Coupons are proved to be effective in pulling customer at a time. Statistics have shown that customers who received your coupons are likely to visit your online store again and repeat purchase each time. Ajax Cart Pro supports coupon code in the shopping cart page, which allows you to conduct promotion prgram easily. 

I hope that you enjoy this articles and have a closer look into how useful this extension is.

Implement Ajax Cart Pro to your Magento shop, and let customers experience the zero page reload while shopping. You ultimately witness your profit to be multiplied. 


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