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Considered to be the most advanced digital technology platform for e-commerce, Magento 2 has been increasingly improved and become important for Magento websites. Magento lovers have a huge range, from store owners to big multinational corporations like Nikes, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Ford, etc. It is still going on.

 However, to create the success of the Magento 2 platform today requires a huge contribution from building and developing Magento 2 extensions. Is it as useful as that?

To answer the above question, the following information will help you to make a wise decision about the extension option that suits your existing website. In addition, you will get a few more useful information about the development trends of this technology in the present and future.

What are Magento 2 extensions?

 Technically, a Magento 2 extension is a PHP code block. Extensions or modules are interchangeable, written to provide Magento users with different functions and features that Magento default settings do not. In other words, it not only supports functional expansion for Magento but also offers various benefits. Diverse functions are already available with a large number of them (free or paid) that will help users to achieve many tasks easily without too much external intervention.

It can be created from settings, database schema, database data, render object, utility helper, action controller, and data model. whether at the same time or just one. When you use the extension, you can extend the functionality of any aspect of your Magento store including frontend, backend, themes, other web services, etc.

The benefit you use Magento 2 extensions:

  • Improved performance and scalability

Magento 2 extension was upgraded from the basis of Magento 1 extension so there’s no doubt that Magento 2 performs superior to Magento 1 in all cases which accompanies an improved indexer that helps in increasing its query performance speed. Furthermore, it uses Varnish Cache, the prominent HTTP accelerator technology which makes it simple to cache requests.

Magento 2 extension has enhanced performance and scalability because of it:

  • Improves web pages for faster delivery

  • Boosts server response times for all website activities

  • Enhances proficiency of backend operations

  • Enhances database flexibility and scalability to deal with peak loads.

  • Enhanced security

It has put a more considerable focus on security subsequently, has more secure information handling. So, it has been primarily focused on protecting user information and providing a secure payment process to meet all the important requirements of the advanced e-commerce website development.

  • Improve the payment process

improving the approach to identify visitors as their guests, so this will remove the login or signup form necessary for users to continue the checkout process. You can easily integrate convenient payment methods into payment procedures. The Magento 2 extension features will help reduce billing hassle and enhance the customer experience.

  • Advanced reporting

The reporting is needed for the admin store, the new advanced reporting features offer 20 reports through its web interface. This feature gives you insight into three critical areas such as Order, customer, product.

  • Mobile-friendly and responsive design

Magento 2 offers responsive and mobile-friendly designs to provide a perfect payment experience for its customers.

The Magento 2 admin panel is user-friendly with touch screens and makes it easy to transact with your store via a mobile phone or tablet.

It makes your site engaging, easy to use, and navigate irrespective of the device in use and its resolutions. 

What should you do before choosing Magento 2 extensions?

Apparently, 20% of the overall industry of all online business sites uses Magento extensions. So how to understand what you need? Here are some tips to help you choose modules more effectively:

  • Determine the goal:

Magento offers unlimited features for your online business portal. To run your e-commerce business, it helps you make your online store more attractive and impressive by serving the best features possible according to your business requirements.

To get started, you have to be thorough with your business goals and understand why you need the Magento 2 extension. If you know the purpose of installing the extension, then you will also know a function. Raise you to ask for your store. Often, you realize that there are many extensions that provide the services you need. You can compare such extensions and understand which products can meet what you require without tagging other features you don't really need and you'll have to pay.

  • Review the reputation of the supplier:

Many extensions serve the same set of features but vary in price, depending on demand and supply. If prices are lower, more buyers are expected to buy. Not sure if they check for exact features such as quality, support, upgrades, refunds, and more. Here are some factors to help you evaluate and find a reliable Magento extension provider:

Review online: Try reading reviews on popular social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Some important factors to look for include security policies, customer policies, and platforms. company and more. Reviews will give you a clear picture of the use of specific extensions.

Talk to online users: The topic of discussion in social media is a good place to know the opinions of your fellow online users. You can contact the Reddit or Magento community on Twitter.

Check service provider history: Check the service provider's history to help you find out from when they traded, understanding their products, if they were ranked top or not, their customer base, etc. competitors in the market offer free and paid extensions, but it's essential to check how many of them are genuine.

Check for update frequency: It is essential to make sure the extension is regularly improved. You need to check if the developers are active enough to update the version and remove the necessary bugs and update the extension with new features.

  • Testing Magento 2 expansion:

Check if a demo version is available. If it is available, you must download and test it thoroughly. You need to be confident that extensions that can effectively set up, run smoothly, and are exactly what you need.

  • The last one:

After checking the steps above, you should determine if specific Magento 2 extensions are all you need in your Magento store. Whatever you decide should be worth your money because they can provide invaluable features from them.

The common errors and solutions when using Magento 2 extensions

When you are using the Magento 2 extensions, check the following issues and solutions:

- Compatibility with Magento versions: Before you download any of our Magento 2 extensions, check if it is compatible with the Magento version you are using.

For example, many of the extensions created for M 2.1 may not work for M 2.0.

- Installation steps: Follow all steps provided in the installation instructions

- The latest versions of the Magento 2 extension: If you want to use any of the extensions, download the latest release of that extension for better features.

- Clear static cache: Once you've installed the extension, don't forget to clear the static cache before you actually use the extension on your store. You can do that by System> Buffer Management> - - -Flush Cache file static.

- Static content cache: Once you've made any changes in settings or extensions, make sure you clear the static content cache. This will ensure that the user interface is working on new installations rather than old CSS files.

- Admin issue: To resolve the admin session issue, try logging out and then logging back into your admin panel.

- Functions: Before you download, install, and apply for an extension on your store, carefully check the functionality as it may conflict with existing extension functions. on the store.

Problems in the installation:

  • The right place to copy the extensions: 

The extensions should be copied to the correct folders to work properly. 

For example, the MConnect Media’s extension will go under app/code/Mconnect/MODULE_NAME

  • System requirements: Before you run Magento 2, make sure you have all the system requirements.

The outstanding Magento 2 extensions

For Advertising And Marketing:

Most consumers buy goods based on the opinions of the people they trust, so affiliate is designed to easily share and connect customers with each other, optimized benefits to both affiliates and store owners. A complete affiliate extension provides a useful tool that you need to set commission rules, manage affiliate accounts, configure payout conditions, track transactions, and performance… 

Average price of the extension: $300

By creating an emergency category in the mind of your website viewers to buy discounted products and increase sales, Daily deal is really one of the most effective strategies for your online store.

Average price of the extension: $144

To enhance customers’ loyalty, keep your old customer coming back to your store and drive even more sales, Magento 2 reward point extension allows to build an automatic point earning and spending system. 

Average price of the extension: $149

For Shipping

If you use Magento 2 delivery schedule extension, you can select whenever display shipping, arrival date, and time on shipping method page, order review page. It can also allow you to add the delivery date on your checkout page so this extension, not only helps you control orders easily but also helps your customers more convenient when shopping.

Average price of the extension: $109

  • Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar extension

For online shopping, customers like stores that offer free shipping of products. With the Free Shipping Bar extension, store owners can offer free shipping to their customers when their shopping carts reach a specific total. Store owners can display a full notice on the website to inform customers about free product shipping.

Average price of the extension: $60

For Checkout

  • Magento 2 one-step checkout extension

Simply, one-step checkout is an extension that will reduce your customer abandonment and increase conversion. Through this, your customers will have the best shopping experience as well as help retain customers and increase sales

Average price of the extension: $189

  • Magento 2 Extra Fee extension

A seller has to deal with many kinds of additional costs which might consume productive time. So Magento 2 Extra Fee extension allows to supports online stores to add additional fees/payment surcharge for specific services such as gift wrapping, rush delivery, and display them on the storefront. 

Average price of the extension: $84

For Seo

  • Magento 2 Blog Extension

The Magento 2 Blog extension is an essential tool for any online store owner who wants to manage a blog right on the Magento store without relying on other platforms. Once integrated into the backend, this powerful module allows you to open a blog and manage categories, posts, comments easily.

Average price of the extension: $174

The Magento 2 FAQ extension allows customers to search common questions, ask and receive answers on the list of frequently asked questions. Through this, administrators can create SEO-friendly FAQ pages with all the necessary features.

Average price of the extension: $124

For navigation and search

By creating an interactive map for your website that shows your customers the location of all your stores. Thereby attracting customer interaction and promoting sales through offline stores.

Average price of the extension: $ 129

  • Magento 2 Layered Navigation

It allows shoppers to filter products by Category, Color, etc. and even New, Inventory, On-sale, or filter by Product rating and filter by Product status. This not only helps customers eliminate unsuitable products from the results product page to save more shopping time but also helps store owners build the ultimate customer shopping experience and boost rankings. SEO your store with a rich navigation system.

Average price of the extension: $ 124

For Security Extensions

  • Magento 2 Google Recaptcha extension

This extension helps you create a shield that protects your store from spams and bots without annoying your store customers with the power of Google reCAPTCHA v2 API.

Average price of the extension: $40

  • Magento 2 Admin permission extension

It assists in allocating permissions to various store administrators effectively or simply manages multi-vendor stores by assigning custom role rights to specific managers such as section access (sales, products, categories, product attributes, customers, user roles), the scope of action (view, edit, delete).

Average price of the extension: $ 214

What are the best Magento 2 extensions providers?

The below listed are some of the best Magento 2 extensions providers to get your project done within the deadline. Always be ready with your exact requirements for your eCommerce business and choose which is suitable for your projects:





 BSS Commerce




How to install Magento 2 extensions?

Installing the Magento 2 extension for your website is that by downloading and integrating them into your system, you can enjoy the convenience of additional features without even knowing it. about programming. Running and managing a website of your choice will no longer be a difficult task.

Magento 2 extension market is a Magento 2 extension in which its basic function is to convert any website into a multi-vendor market automatically.

To install an extension, you must:

  1. Get an extension from the Magento Marketplace or another extension developer.

  2. Get the extension’s Composer name and version.

  3. Update the composer.json file in your Magento project with the name and version of the extension.

  4. Verify that the extension installed properly.

  5. Enable and configure the extension.

Nevertheless, before you install Magento 2 extension, you should:

  1. Back up your database.

  2. Enable maintenance mode:

    bin/magento maintenance:enable

In short, the Magento 2 extension provides flexibility and complete control with shopping cart development, special features, and user-friendliness. A variety of them are available, not only offering a variety of benefits but also easily combined to provide you with a stable and satisfying eCommerce website.

Make great your store again

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