Light up your shop with mSocknic by MageWorld

18 Sep 2012
The world has developed faster and faster, leading to the high spiritual and material demands of people, especially demands with regard to fashion. That’s why, nowadays, a number of fashion shops has arisen quickly. Among which, online shops have developed strongly above all others. However, the problem is how a shop owner can make his shop prominent while there are so many shops of the same goods out there. Designers from MageWorld have recently released a number of high quality magento templates for shop owners to select, but among which, mSocknic is one of the newest and highest quality templates.

The mSocknic by MageWorld is a lovely template used for fashion shops, especially for the ones for kids. Eye-catching appearance, outstanding features and the feelings this cute template brings to customers are reasons why this template is so desirable and expectable.

In terms of appearance, mSocknic brings to your customers a comfortable and agreeable feeling with blue-based background color, funny fonts and pretty pictures. Every corner, line, color, together with the arrangement way of pictures/products creates a cozy and innocent atmosphere which is close to the pure spirit of kids. Customers are immediately absorbed and persuaded when seeing such a carefully-designed, high quality and attractive shop and of course, they do not hesitate to spend much money on clothes for their little kids.


In addition, in terms of features, this template is designed with prominent characteristics. It is compatible with all the types of browsers such as IE, firefox, chrome, safari, etc. It is also optimized for fast loading, with W3C HTML and CSS validated carefully. Besides, this template can easy customize with PSD files included in the package. Moreover, using this product, you have full permission to use and customize your website or your client website.


So, it is possible to say that mSocknic carries all the features you expect for your perfect online shop. Why don’t you just quickly take one and enjoy benefits? It is for sure that you will get more money when using this template. Besides, there are a lot of beautiful magento templates available on MageWorld’s homepage. MageWorld’s products are the best choices for your e-commerce.

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