How to config fixed product taxes (FPT) on Magento 2

15 Jun 2018
The fixed product tax is applied on product level, based on product. In some jurisdictions, this tax is subject to an additional percentage tax. Your tax authority may also have rules about how your product prices appear to customers, with or without taxes. Make sure you understand the rules, and set your FPT display accordingly.

 People tends to think about percentage when mentioning tax. Nevertheless, there is a fixed tax must be added to some product types in some areas of the tax. You can manage fixed product taxes (FPT) to compute taxes. For example, in some countries, FPT can be used to set waste electrical and electronic equipment taxes (WEEE) which is known as ecological tax collected on some electrical equipments to reduce recycling cost. This tax is a fixed amount instead of the percentage of product price.

You should be careful of quoting FPT price in email because the differences in price can affect to customer’s trust in their order. For instant, if you display order rate without FPT, customers buy items related to FPT only see the total price included FPT tax, but they don’t get detailed analysist. The different from expected amount in price may cause some customers reject their shopping cart.

To get a deeper understand about Fixed Price Taxes please follow below information.

1. Enable Fixed Product Taxes

  • Enter backend Stores > Configuration > Sales > Tax.Scroll down to session Fixed Product Taxes, then enable it.



  • - Enable FPT - this option allows add fixed product tax to product

  • - Apply Tax to FPT - determine if the regular taxes set up at your Magento 2 store are applied to FPT or not

  • - Include FPT in Subtotal - determine if FPT are added to total number which meant it can be discounted.

2. Setting attribute for FPT

  • Enter into  Stores > Attributes > Product



  • - Default Lable - The title of attribute is the name of attribute as well, you should use titles are easy to remember

  • - Catalog Input Type for Store Owner - You must choose Fixed Product Tax in this step

  • - Attribute Code - The code is used for Magento 2 and entering product fixed taxes

  • - Add to Column Options and Use in Filter Options - Allows you add this attribute to filter options

3. Add FPT attribute to attribute set

Enter Stores > Attributes > Attribute Set. Choose Attribute, move FPT tax you just created into this section.


Click Save

4. Config Fixed Product Taxes for product

Enter Product > Catalog > click Product


5. Active and display

  • List Product:


  • Cart page:

  • Check-out page:

  • In Order back-end