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Affiliate Lite

Magento Affiliate Lite

Let Your Affiliates Promote Your Business for You

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Magento Compatibility:

+ CE 1.4.X, 1.5.X, 1.6.X, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
+ PE 1.9.X, 1.10.X
+ EE 1.10.X, 1.11.X, 1.12
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Highlighted Features

  • Handle sale affiliate tracking automatically via cookie, client IP and client accounts
  • Per-product commission and discount tracking, even on orders with multiple products
  • Auto-subtract commission in case of refunding or cancelled order (Featured)
  • Maximize referral potential by full-supporting recent referrals (provide links and banners for sharing on Facebook, twitter, blog, website... and via email)

  • Email confirmation and notification for both admin and clients (new members, balance change ...)
  • View affiliate transaction (always auto-update balance change with detailed comments)
  • Easy manage affiliate member and their history (full information storing)
  • Encryption for affiliate referral link to protect client's privacy

For Your Customers

  • Sign up Affiliates and manage new accounts
  • Easy to sign up new affiliates using Magento‚Äôs sign up form or your own customized form.
  • Easy to update referral accounts.
  • Track commission/discount and transaction history
  • The affiliate will earn a commission and the referred customer could also get a discount
  • Easy to manage and track affiliate transactions with detailed commission and discounts for each product
  • Easy to manage and track credit.
  • Credit usage and Payment
  • Affiliate can use credit to withdraw
  • Select defined payment method. Decide to withdraw manually or automatically (Featured)
  • Support multiple payment methods

  • Refer friends
  • Easy to broadcast referral link and earn commissions (Featured)
  • Easy to connect and share on facebook, twitter, google buzz, and etc
  • Easy to send referral link to friend via email or messenger
  • Allow to import contact from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, America Online, CSV, text file...
  • Easy to post referral link and affiliate banner on website, blog, forum...
  • Easy to share referral link (refer friends) from any category or product page
  • Easy to manage and track referral visitors and invitation history
  • Always update Affiliate information with email notification
  • Notified when account is approved
  • Notified when new program is added or balance has changed
  • Notified when customer purchases order

For Your Administrator

  • Manage Affiliate accounts
  • Easy to approve and manage affiliate accounts
  • Support auto approve affiliate account
  • Support reassign affiliate parent manually
  • Manage payment and transaction history
  • Easy to manage and track credit transactions
  • Easy to manage and process withdraw requests, support exporting pending withdral requests to CSV (Featured)
  • Admin can set minimum/maximum withdrawal amount and withdrawal processing fee
  • Admin can define payment method as well as payout schedule
  • Email Notification setting
  • Email templates are available for both administrators and referrals

  • Manage invitations
  • Easy to create and manage affiliate banners with specified link
  • Allow to disable "Sharing" on some specific pages like customer account, checkout, contacts...
  • Manage commission and discount
  • Easy to manage and track affiliate transactions with detail commission and discount for each order and product
  • Allow to set affiliate commission / customer discount to fixed amount or by percent of product value
  • Admin can set to calculate affiliate commission / customer discount BEFORE or AFTER discount, INCLUDE or EXCLUDE taxes
  • Admin can limit how many days (or total commission) affiliate can earn from referred customer



+ new feature added
* bug fix

v3.5.1 (December 08, 2015)
+ Update to be compatible with new security patch SUPEE-6788
+ compatibility with magento CE 1.9.x

v3.5.0.5 (Dec 28, 2013)
+ Upgrade to compatible with magento 1800
* fix bug can't show banner at Frontend

v3.5.0.4 (Nov 7, 2013)

+ Update Mcore

v3.5.0.3 (July 04, 2013)
+ Update text

v3.5.0 (June 04, 2013)
+ Extension released

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1.Copy app/, js/ and skin/ folders to your Magento location. There is no file should be replaced.

2.Go to Admin – Affiliate Lite to manage member, department and ticket.

3.Go to Admin – Configuration – Mage World – Affiliate Lite to change the configuration.

4.Remember to refresh cache.

Note that:

If you meet the problem of “Access Denied”, please logout and login again. Any questions, free ask us by post a ticket at http://www.mage-world.com/contacts/

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