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Licenses Guide


Single domain license

This is our most common license. When you buy a template or an extension with a Single domain license you can use our product on a single domain where only one ecommerce store is installed.


Multi domain license

The Multi-domain license gives you permission to use the product on as many domains as you want, but only for one client. For example, you are allowed to use the product on fashion-jean.com, fashion-shoe.com, fashion-jean.de and fashion-shoe.de, but are not allowed to re-sell the theme or extension to anyone. If you are a developer or a web design company and want to use our product with your clients, you should purchase a Developer License.


General information

For both the Single domain and Multi-domain license you are allowed to modify and change the code as much as you'd like, but you are not under ANY circumstances allowed to re-sell or re-distribute the product in any way, even after it has been modified. We are very reasonable, but we will not accept violations of the license-agreements as we have spent many hours developing our products.


Developer license

This license is suitable for developers or web design companies who want to use our products with their clients. If you are purchasing this license, you have the right to use our product for a maximum of 20 of your clients (per license) but are not allowed to re-sell or re-distribute our products to others. After you have used our product with 20 clients, you will have to purchase this license again. You also receive full technical support from the Mage-World team to customize any extension.


If you have any questions about our licenses please contact us.