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Bestseller Products Slider (Free)

Bestseller Products Slider (Free)

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Magento Compatibility:
CE 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.0



This extension offers you the easiest and most effective way to display best-seller products. Product images can displayed statically on the left/right sidebar or dynamically in slide show with auto scrolling. Best sellers can also be filtered and displayed with easy-to-use toolbar. With this extension, your best seller products will reach your customers fast and conveniently.


  • Using Ajax to display product info.
  • The module supports to display in many modes.
  • Slide show with auto scrolling
  • Display best seller products with toolbar
  • Filter best seller products by category.
  • Vertical slide show in left or right sidebar
  • static view in the left or right sidebar

Other Features

  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • Support multiple stores and multiple languages
  • Easy to customize front-end via HTML/CSS
  • 100% open-source



* New feature added

+ Fixed bug


+ Upgrade to be compatiple with 1.7.0

* Fix style and css

* Fix bestseller product collection not exactly.

+ Upgrade on Magento1600
* Fix style and css
* Fix bestseller product collection not exactly.

  1. Very good, quick support review by Marco

    Very simple installation and quick support, easy to customize with CSS.

  2. Great Module review by StarNet

    Work 100%, simple installation, and easy to modify.

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1. Copy all file in app/ to magento root folder.( This do not override any file in your magento)
2. Copy all file in skin/ to magento root folder.( This do not override any file in your magento)
3. Make sure clear cache in admin of magento
4.1 If you want to call the module in CMS static page.
- For displaying with autoscrolling: Please insert this code:
{{block type="bestseller/bestseller" show_total = "6" name="bestseller"
template="hm/bestseller.phtml" }}
- For displaying with toolbar:
{{block type="bestseller/bestsellertoolbar" name="bestseller_toolbar"
template="hm/bestseller_toolbar.phtml" }}
- For display vertical autoscrolling
{{block type="bestseller/bestseller" show_total = "6" name="bestseller_autosidebar"
template="hm/bestseller_autosidebar.phtml" }}
- For display static vertical
{{block type="bestseller/bestseller" show_total = "6" name="bestseller_staticsidebar"
template="hm/bestseller_staticsidebar.phtml" }}

4.2. For using for right sidebar
Please goto /app/design/frondend/default/default/layout/hm/hm_bestseller.xml and remove comment from line 16 and line 18
Note: If you want to autosiderbar view, please replace bestseller_staticsidebar.phtml to bestseller_autosidebar.phtml in line 16

4.3.For using for all categories page( Filter by each category).
  Please goto /app/design/frondend/default/default/layout/hm/hm_bestseller.xml and remove comment from line 23 to 26 and line 31 to 34

Note that:
1.show_total is number of best seller products will be displayed. If you use the dispalying with toolbar, show_total is not necessary, because this mode displays all ordered products and sort by ordered quantity.
please make sure Your store have ordered some products. If your store have not any products that ordered, it means that there is no best seller products.

2.If you call block in CMS static page, show_total is number of products will be showed.
If you call block in XML layout, please use  
<action method="setShowTotal"><show_total>4</show_total></action>
You can take a look at /app/design/frondend/default/default/layout/hm/hm_newproducts.xml in the line 17

If you have any problem please email to: [email protected]
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