Magento Help Desk Extension Magento Help Desk Pro

Support Your Customers like a PRO
Streamline Your Support Ticket System

1Professional Ticket Management for You and Your Customers

See whole ticket thread
Auto response templates

2Easy to Submit Ticket

Via help desk, email, contact form or 3rd party live chat
Customers may attach files and assign order #

3Exceptional Back End Organization

Auto Update Ticket Status
Internal Notes Supported

4Create Multiple Departments

Manage Staff Members/Moderators
Customers can choose department
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Magento Help Desk Extension

Magento Help Desk Extension

Highlighted Features

  • Set up Unlimited Departments/Moderators
  • Submit tickets many ways, via Magento, email, live chat etc.
  • Allow customer to select department/priority
  • View entire thread of a ticket
  • Attach tickets to order #
  • Auto-update ticket status
  • Add internal notes to ticket
  • Easy to manage response templates

For Your Customers

Easy to Submit a Ticket
  • Submit a ticket via Magento contact form
  • Submit a ticket in customer's account (My Account / Help Desk / Submit a Ticket)
  • Submit a ticket via email (Send an email to help desk email gateway. Eg.
  • Submit a ticket via offline message of live chat. Eg. Zopim, LiveZilla... (Third-party live chat supported)
Easy to Track and Respond
  • Email notification of new ticket and staff response
  • Track ticket status in customer account (My Account / Help Desk / My Tickets)
  • Respond to a ticket quickly by reply email
  • Respond to a ticket quickly via web form (Direct link without logged in)
  • Respond to a ticket in customer's account (My Account / Help Desk / View Ticket)

Advanced Features
  • Allow to attach multiple files (Support both web form and email response)
  • Rich text format supported (Auto-parse HTML content from email messages)
  • Allow to set priority (Normal / High / Urgent)
  • Allow to select predefined department
  • Easy to assign an order number
  • View support time information with online / offline status, days off with detail message
  • View detail contact information (Using static block)

For The Administrator

Ticket Management
  • Easy to create new ticket on the backend (Create ticket from Help Desk menu or directly on Customer / Order page)
  • Track all tickets on the backend
  • Easy to view all active tickets (New/Open status)
  • Easy to view tickets on Customer / Order page
  • Email notification for new / updated tickets
  • View entire thread of a ticket (Email messages are imported into the ticket automatically)
  • Respond to a ticket on the backend (HTML editor and response template are supported)
  • Respond to a ticket quickly via web form (Direct link without logged in, HTML editor and response template are supported)
  • Respond to a ticket quickly by replying email (Rich text format supported, auto-parse HTML content from email messages)
  • Better workflow supported, auto-update ticket status (Auto-set status to Pending Customer
  • Response when staff member replying, auto-set status to Closed if customer does not respond after predefined period)
  • Allow to respond to a ticket without changing ticket status (Ticket status keep Open)
  • Easy to assign ticket to a department / a staff member
  • Easy to assign ticket an order number
  • Easy to update ticket status manually (Open / Pending Customer Response / Closed)
  • Easy to update ticket priority (Normal / High / Urgent)
  • Easy to add internal tags to a ticket
  • Easy to add internal note (Staff member can view note details quickly on the ticket list)
  • Easy to manage share information that belongs to a customer
  • View ticket history (Staff member can view all other tickets from the same customer)

Department Management
  • Easy to create / manage departments (Multiple departments supported)
  • Assign department to multiple stores
  • Set department code that is used in ticket ID and appeared on email subject
  • Set department as log in required (Customers are required to login to submit ticket to this department)
  • Assign default email gateway (Use to send email notification)
  • Assign moderator email that will be notified of new / update tickets
  • Set auto-notify moderator of new / update tickets or not
  • Enter description that appears on the ticket submission form as customer guideline
  • Choose email notification template (Use default configuration template if not defined)
  • Assign staff members to department

Advanced Management
  • Easy to manage staff members, assign a staff member to multiple departments
  • Easy to manage email gateways, multiple email gateways supported
  • Set default department for an email gateway (Default department is auto-assigned to a new ticket that is created from the email gateway)
  • Support POP3 / IMAP protocol, support SSL/TLS
  • Choose to delete email from the host after loading or not (For IMAP protocol only)
  • Easy to manage response templates (Rich text format and ticket variables supported)
  • Easy to manage spam emails

Rules Management
  • Allow the administrator to create rules to manage tickets
  • The rules will be processed automatically when ticket is created, updated to save time
  • Rule conditions apply on customer’s email, staff’s email, gateway email, subject, ticket message, created time, updated time, order number, ticket priority, ticket status
  • Auto-complete these actions if the conditions are matched: Set Status To, Set Priority To, Assign To Department, Assign to Staff, Add Tags, Remove Tags, Reply With Template
  • Eg. Auto-set ticket to Urgent if ticket message content “Urgent” word, auto-assign ticket to Accountant Department if ticket message content “Refund” word...

Ticket Statistic
  • View statistics by staff members
  • View statistics by departments
  • View statistics by ticket tags
Other Configuration
  • Enable/Disable Help Desk
  • Set Gateway Update Interval (In minutes)
  • Notify Staff of missed ticket (In hours, leave 0 if do not notify staff members)
  • Time To Auto-Close Ticket (In hours, leave 0 if ticket will not be auto-closed)
  • Enable Delete Expired Ticket (Closed ticket will be deleted automatically after predefine period)
  • Support Time Setting (Allow to define support time, working days and days off with detail message)
  • Allow to overwrite default contact Form
  • Show detail contact information on the submission form (Using static block)
  • Allow Client To Select Department
  • Allow Client To Select Priority
  • Allow Client To Assign Order Number
  • Set Default Department
  • Set Default Email Sender
  • Email Configuration
  • Email Template Configuration

Other Features

  • Extension optimized for large scale businesses
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and use
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • Supports multiple stores and multiple languages
  • Easy to customize front-end via HTML/CSS
  • 100% open-source

Magento Help Desk Extension

Documentation & Support

Compatible with Magento
Community: 1.4.x - 1.9.x
Enterprise: 1.10.x - 1.12.x
Magento Help Desk Extension
  • View Changelogs
  • Installation Guide
  • User Guide
  • Submit a Ticket
The support here is great!

Anton -

We have used the HelpDesk version 2. As we got some problems the Mage World team made a free upgrade and helped us to find our wrong misconfiguration.

I have really never seen such support anywhere. I hope you go on with such service!

Regarding the example image 7 I have maybe a hint for you. The standard template looks a bit boring. Maybe you could deliver some HelpDesk default templates with more colors. The example in image 7 looks a bit too simple. This is only my personal opinion.
I buy all magento extensions from here

Sondeep -

Very good support as well as this extension. This extension solved my problem with dealing with customers. It was very hard to manage and support through emails only. Thanks Mage-World.


Before buy this extensions I tested very carefully on sandbox and I'm happy to using this. It works perfectly, no bugs so far. Easy to use and Install. I recommend. Very good job.
Great extension


I looked at many of Held Desk extension before choosing this one. This is a great extension, Support staff is quick and very helpful. Easy to setup and works like a charm.
Great value for money


This is my first review on here, but I wanted to thank MageWorld and the guys for a fantastic product and top support. The help desk is easy to install and has a great feature set which is constantly increasing.
I have asked lots of questions (before and after buy it) and they have been extremely patient and speedy with their responses and helped me with integrating it with my template.

I will be looking at getting some of their other modules in the future.
A great and very flexible support portal system


I've been using Help Desk Pro for the last 3 weeks and was able to create our start-up's Support Portal in only a couple of hours. The system runs smoothly and with the great support from MageWorld. It was very easy to customize to meet all our requirements.
In conclusion, I fully recommend this system and especially the help and support from MageWorld.
Best extension


Works well, fast support. I want to rate 10 stars for Mageworld :)
:-) very nice extension!


I am very satisfied with that extensions. Will use Mage World products defently again!
Works great! Awesome support!


This is a truly great extension, easy to setup and it works like a charm.
The additional questions about css styling are handled and answered very quickly.
Thanks for the work guys.
Great extenion


It works fine for my shop. Simple to install. Recommended.
Great Support and the best Ticketing System out there for Magento


I looked at a lot of Ticket System module before choosing this one. It installs and configures easily. I did have a conflict with another module so need to contact support. They were very fast and responsive and had me up and running in no time at all.
Works exactly as advertised


The extension works exactly as advertised. There is only small problem with email setting but MageWorld fixed this immediately for me. Thank you for good job.
Fantastic extension & Support


I think this is MUST HAVE extension. Support was prompt, quick and professional.
Quality Product - Prompt Support and Response

I recently evaluated a number of ticketing system and decided that Mage-World's Help Desk Module offered the best solution at the most attractive price. The installation was easy and the system was up in running in minutes.

We did find the functionality required some slight modification to work more efficiently for our use, therefore, we'd reached out to Mage-World's Support team and they were able to make the modifications for us for as a consulting project. The investment in the consulting services were well worth the investment. The system now operates how we want it to and Mage-World's staff was more than accommodating. I highly recommend using their product and look forward to seeing more modules by Mage-World in the future.
Great Helpdesk, One Feature Request


This plugin works great, however there is one feature i wish it had. The ability to create a ticket right from the manage customer section. Having to goto the seperate ticket area and know your customers email and order number is a little work. I would like to be able to do it right from the customer management, that way there can be a drop down with the customers orders.. and maybe a log of communication on the manage customer section for that customer. Other then this one feature request... This plugin is awesome!
Great extension, Excellent support


After trying many Help desk systems, I decided to use Help Desk Pro for my own website. I paid for this extension not only because it is cheaper as compared to several other, but also because I like its user-friendly interface. I like the way the admin dashboard is designed, which make administrating tickets simpler and effective.

In my opinion, this is the best help-desk extension and there's no reason why does not deserve 5 stars.

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