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Thanks for purchasing MageWorld’s Reward Point Pro.

This Quick Start Guide is meant to give you an introduction to our Reward Points extension. For more detailed instructions please see our User Guide.

Please go to Promotions – Reward Points Pro to configure your extension.

  - First, set your currency/point exchange rate in the Configuration – General tab. (ex. 10 Reward Points = $1).
  - Set default expiration date (if any. – This can be overridden on each earning rule)

Also in Configuration:
  - Display Configuration tab you can:
    * Create your RP name and upload custom RP icon
    * Choose to display RP currency (ex. Earn 10 Reward Points ($1))
    * Choose promotional banner or message (ex. weekend double reward point promotion)
  - Set up FB configuration
    * Set RPs for Facebook ‘like’ under Customer Behavior Earning Rules
  - Email Notifications
   * Create email templates (if you choose) to inform customer of balance update, expiration, birthday notification etc.

Next, set up your Catalog, Shopping Cart, Customer Behavior Rules or Individual RP at Reward Points Pro – Earning Rules.
  - Note Reward Points will NOT display on product page for shopping cart rules
  - See Customer behavior rules to reward points for FB like, customer birthday, referrals, product review etc.
    * Custom Reward Points such as coupon code or referral link (that you send to customers) can also be set up here.

Set up any Reward Points Pro – Spending Rules such as cart minimum to redeem points, redeem points ONLY on certain products etc on the Conditions tab
  - You can also limit how many points a customer can redeem as a fixed amount per order or a % of money spent (Spend (Y) to use RP (X)) on the Actions tab

You may also ‘sell’ products in points only or a combination of points/currency. Please see Sell Product In Points

Next, create a RP policy page outlining your Reward Point program, rules and RP exchange rate for your customers. (you can link this to your RP icon at Conf. – Display Configuration).

See our Theme Integration to display Reward Points on pages other than product pages.

You can also manually add/subtract RP for individual customers see individual RP history at Customer Accounts.

Good luck with your Rewards Point/Loyalty program

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