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If I have a promotion (ex. 20% off) will the RP allocated automatically be reduced by 20%?

This depends what type of earning rule you create. A shopping cart rule is based on cart subtotal (you choose to allocate RP before or after discount in conf.) For catalog rules, RP are based on the original product price. To reduce RP in this case, create a New Catalog rule for the duration of your promotion.

How can I show the RP value (ex. 100 Reward Points ($10)) on the product page?

On the configuration-Display Configuration page choose 'Yes' in 'Add option to show credit info' field.

What is the difference between the Reward Points Pro and the Lite version?

Please see the comparision table below:

Does Reward Points Pro reward points for bundled products?

Reward Points Pro determines the total RP for the bundle based on the total of the individual RPs of each product in the bundle.

What is the difference between Store Credit Pro and Reward Points Pro extension?

Store Credit Pro allows your customers get credit when returning products, sending and receiving credit from their friends while with Reward Points Pro is like a way to increase the loyalty of customers – reward and encourage customers to buy more.

Does the extension work with Affiliate Pro 3?

Yes it is.

How do I import Reward Points?

Go to Reward Points Pro-Customer Accounts and select 'Import Reward Points' in top right corner. You may add a general comment in Configuration-General tab

I have two websites with the customer account shared between these websites. When I import reward points for customer would it be available for the customer on both the websites? I would want to ensure that both the rewards scheme be separate for each business.

It depends on the way you manage customers of the two sites. You can decide on importing reward points for customers of each site seperately or for both sites. You totally can manage the customer accounts so that the rewards scheme be separate for each business.

With this extension, can we give clients a voucher code that will allocate points to their account?

Yes, our Reward Points Pro has supported this. You can go to backend => Reward Points Pro => Earning Rules => Customer Behavior Rules -> Select the field “Custom Reward”, then fill in the “Coupon Code” field.

Are points applied for products of original price or for products with discount prices as well?

Yes, they are applied for both origianal prices and discount prices.

I installed the extension and got the “404 not found” page in the backend. How to solve this?

If you got this problem, please do as follows:
1, Go to System -> Cache Management and refresh cache
2, Log out from Admin Panel
3, Log in back.

After installed the extension, I got an "Access denied" message when accessing the Configuration in the Backend. How to solve this?

If you got this problem, please do as follows:
1, Go to System -> Cache Management and refresh cache
2, Log out from Admin Panel
3, Log in back.

How can I change the language of the extension?

You can translate the modules into other languages by one of the two following ways:
1, Use Inline translation tool by going to the backend > System > Configuration > Developer > Translate Inline
2, Use cvs translation file: By default, the language of our extensions is English. If you want to translate it into other languages, please go to the folder \magento_root_app\locale\en_US\MW_onestepcheckout.csv and copy this csv file to your current locale folder, then translate the text string in the second row.

I created an earning points rule, saved it, why isn't it applied to the products?

Please check and edit the rule again then click the button "Save and Apply". Otherwise, you can click the button "Apply Rules" in the list of Earning Rules page (Promotions > Reward Points > Earning Rules). Also check the extension is enabled in the Configuration tab

I created an earning points rule (catalog rule), saved and applied it, why isn't it applied to the products?

If you created a catalog rule for earning points and did not see it applied to the products, please check the detail of your rule again (Customer Group, Start Date, End Date and the condition). Please also check above answer. In the case everything is ok but the rule is still not applied, then please submit a ticket and we will support you.

I created a catalog rule that rewards 10 points for the product Iphone. I also imported points through Reward Products Points (20 points for Iphone). How many points the customers will get if they buy a Iphone?

If a product has 2 reward point rules - Catalog Rule and Reward Products Points-, then Reward Products points rule will always be applied. So in this case, if a customer buy a Iphone, he/she will get 20 points.

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