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Go to System => Configurations => Mage World => Promobox (or Promotions=> Promobox => Configuration) to configure the module.


Manage Popup from backend

Manage Popup

From the backend, go to Promobox => Manage Popups:


To create a new Popup, click on the Add New Popup button:
The new Popup page has three tabs named Popup Setting, Tab Setting and Targeting rule.
In the Popup Setting:

  • You can enable popup when you set Enable Popup = Yes
  • You can set up information of popup such as name, size of popup, starting date, ending date and priority for each popup...
  • You can customize the background for popup with solid color or image.
  • In the content box, you can insert text, link, image, etc…
  • You can set up the popup auto display when customer click on tab popup (minimized box), open page or scroll down.

Insert image for content:
From the backend, go to System => Configurations => Content management
Set Use Static URLs for media Content in WYSIWYG for Catalog = yes


In the Tab Setting: You can customize the size and type of tab as image or text with background color.

  • You can Enable Tab when you set Enable tab = Yes.
  • You can set up the tab position to be displayed on the Center left or Center right or bottom left or bottom right.
  • You can set up information of tab such as Offset, text in tab.
  • You can insert color ID or choose color for the tab.
  • You can choose type of tap with text or image.
  • You can choose the size of tab with: Small, Normal, Large or Huge when the type of tab is text.

In the Targeting rule:
You are allowed to configure the pages, customer groups, stores to display popup.

  • Included pages: You can select pages to display popup.
  • Excluded pages: you can choose pages not to display popup.
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