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Go to Backend => System => Configuration => MAGE WORLD => Help Desk Pro or Help Desk Pro => Configuration.


  • In the Enable field: select Yes to enable the extension.
  • The Gateway Update Interval field (in minutes): Please enter a number of minutes. The default is 10 minutes.
  • The Notify Staff of missed ticket field (in hours). Please enter a number of hours. The default is 24 hours. It means if the staff does not reply to a ticket after 24 hours, he/she will get an email notification that he has missed this ticket. If not want notification, please enter 0.
  • The Staff Notification Interval field (in hours). Please enter a number of hours. It is 4 hours by default. It means if the staff has not replied to a ticket after 4 hours, he/she will be reminded by email. If not want notification, please enter 0.
  • The Time to Auto-Close Ticket field (in hours). Please enter a number of hours. It is 24 hours by default. It means after 24 hours if the customer has not responded, the ticket will be closed. If not want to automatically close the ticket, please insert 0.
  • The Enable Delete Expired Ticket field: select Yes if you want the system to delete expired tickets automatically (for closed tickets only). If Yes is chosen, you also need to enter a number of days to the Auto-delete tickets after period field (in days). It is 90 days by default. It means the closed tickets will be deleted after 90 days.

Support Time Configuration

  • Timezone: Please select your time zone
  • Days Off: Please add the days off
  • Support working time: Please enter your working time, example from 8h:00 to 18h:00
  • Break time: Please enter the break time ( such as lunch time)
  • Working days: Please select the working days

These settings also will be shown on the frontend when customers submit a ticket.


Contact form integration

You can overwrite the Magento Contact Form by turning the Overwrite Contact Form field to YES.


If you want to display a static block in the contact form, insert the identifier of the static block into the Static Block Identifier field.


Client configuration:

You can allow customers to select the department and ticket priority, assign a ticket to an order number, and attach files when submit tickets from the front-end.


Email Configuration:

The module support creates ticket via email.

  • Auto Create Ticket From Email: Please select Yes, if you want the system automatically creates a ticket when a customer sends an email.
  • Use Reply-To as Client Email: This field is used to integrate to third party email system. Normally if you use third party email system, the “To” is the email address from this system and the Reply-To is your client’s email. You need to select “Use Reply-To as Client Email” so the responding emails will be sent to the clients, not to the third party email system. It is recommend to you select Yes.
  • Tag HTML’s Supported in email: please select tags which will be supported in Email

Email template

The Help Desk Pro offers email templates for notifying staff and customers when tickets are created and updated.


You can change the email template by going to app/locale/en_US/template/email/mw_helpdesk. If you don’t want to use the available templates, you can create your own email templates by going to System – Transactional Emails backend page.

Manage Staffs

Firstly, you need to create staffs’ information by going to Help Desk Pro => Manage Staffs => Click on the button “ Add staff ”.


Manage Departments

The Help Desk Pro allows creating unlimited departments. Then the tickets can be sent specifically to the right department.
Create a new department by going to Help Desk Pro =>Manage Departments, and then click the button “ Add Department

Department Information

  • Insert the department’s name, description and the department code (DCode – optional).
  • Turn the Active field to Yes to activate the department.
  • Select Store view for the department.
  • In the Required Login field, select NO to allow guests to view the department. Otherwise, only registered customers can see the department.
  • Select default gateway for the department (optional).
  • Insert a staff’s email in the Moderator field (optional). In case of a ticket is assigned to the department, it will be sent to the moderator’s email directly.
  • If you want to notify the moderator of a change of tickets automatically, select YES at the Auto-notification field.

Email templates
If you don’t want to use default email templates, you can create an email template for your own department here.

Department staff
The department staff tab will list all staff that you have inserted, select staff for the department by ticking the checkbox then click the button “ save department ”.


Gateway Configuration

Please go to backend => Help Desk Pro => Manage Email Gateways => click button “ Add Gateway

  • Gateway Name: Please enter the gateway name.
  • Turn the Active field to YES to activate the gateway.
  • Specify the address of email server in the Gateway Host field.
  • In the Gateway email field: Please enter email support, Example: [email protected] If customers send emails to this the system will automatically create tickets.
  • In the Login field, specify the login’s account for the users to access (not required).
  • In the Password field: Please enter password of the email
  • In the Port field, specify the port number to set up the connection with your email server. For example, 143 for IMAP-TLS, 993 for IMAP-SSL, 110 for POP3, and 995 for POP3-SSL.
  • In the Use SSL/TLS field, specify the value will be applied for your server – Yes or No.
  • Select the default department for the gateway.
  • Select to delete email from host or not (applied only for IMAP).

You can test the setting work by clicking the “Test connect” button. If you get the message “The gateway is connected successfully”, it means everything is fine. If not, please check your setting again.

Cron configuration

You need to set Cron for your website.
Using Cpanel: you just need go to the panel => Cron job and add this code into command section: lynx -source http://yourmagento/cron.php . Please see the screenshot below.


Using SSH.
You can use the command:

crontab -e

And insert the following line:

*/3 * * * * php /<path-to-your-installation>/cron.php


*/3 * * * * wget -O - '' > /dev/null

You can see more details here:

Manage Quick Responses

The Help Desk Pro offers the feature of creating and managing frequent asked questions for saving time. To create quick responses, go to Help Desk Pro => Manage Quick Responses
Click the button “ Add Quick Response ”.

  • Insert title for the response in the Quick response title field.
  • In the Active field, select YES to activate the quick response.
  • Insert content for the response at the Quick Response Message field.
  • We also support some common variables for the content:

Dear: Template:Var customer name
Order: Template:Var order id
Ticket Id: Template:Var ticket id
Subject: Template:Var subject
Department name: Template:Var department name
Replied from: Template:Var operator name
Customer Link: Template:Var customer direct link
Email id: Template:Var email ref id
Expired time: Template:Var expired time

Manage Ticket Rules

What are ticket rules? Tickets rules allow shop owner manage tickets automatically. If a customer posts a ticket that satisfies the condition then the system will automatically do something. Example:
If a customer posts ticket that has subject or content is “refund”, then the ticket will be automatically assigned to someone related to.

Add new rule
Go to Backend => Help Desk Pro => Manage Rules, click on the button “ Add rule ”. The rule information page includes four tabs named rule information, conditions, action and apply rule.

  • In the rule information tab, insert name, description, select status, website, active time and priority for the rule.
  • In the Conditions tab, specify the condition for the rule.

If you tick on the When ticket created checkbox, the rule will be applied when a ticket is created on help desk system.
If you tick on the When ticket updated checkbox, the rule will be applied every time a ticket has been updated.

  • In the Actions tab, specify applied actions for the rule
  • The Apply rule tab lists all tickets for selecting. Its purpose is to allow admin applying the rule for existing tickets. You can select some particular tickets, then click on the button “ Save and apply ”.

Manage Tickets

Go to Backend => Help Desk Pro => Manage Tickets.
The button “ Refresh ” is used to fetch the tickets from gateway email manually. Otherwise, it automatically updates by the time you configured in Help Desk configuration (gateway update interval).
The administrator can add tickets manually by clicking the button “ Add ticket ”.


View a ticket
The ticket information page includes six tabs named Ticket information, Ticket thread, Additional information, Note information, Share information and Ticket history.

  • The Ticket information tab shows all general information of a ticket.
  • The Ticket thread tab stores thread history (conversation between customers and staff)
  • The Additional Information tab stores the ticket’s client links and staff links. The staff and the client can view and reply to the tickets there. The email notification also contains these links so customers and staff can response to by clicking the link.
  • The Note Information tab is the location that the administrator insert note for the ticket.
  • The Share Information tab is the location that the administrator notes any special information for the ticket.
  • The Ticket history tab shows all tickets that were sent from the same email.

Manage Spam

The Help Desk Pro allows you to block the email spam.

  • Go to Help Desk Pro => Manage Tickets, select one ticket and click to view detail
  • In the ticket detail page, click on the button “ Mark as spam ”. Thus, the email which is used to create this ticket will be marked as spam and no longer be allowed to submit ticket.
  • The spam email will be listed in the spam page. Go to Help Desk Pro => Manage Spam to view.
  • You can unblock the spam email by changing the action box’s value to delete.

Ticket Statistic

The Help Desk Pro supports to summary ticket statistic by departments, by staff and by ticket tags. Go to Help Desk Pro => Ticket Statistic.


From client view

Your customers can submit ticket from their email, help desk panel on the My Account section or Magento default contact form (overwrite by the administrator).
Submit ticket from Help Desk Panel
Go to My Account => Help Desk Pro, select the Submit ticket tab


The My Tickets tab lists all the tickets that the customer has created.


Reply to a ticket

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