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The Gallery Pro offers flexible configuration, which allows you to set up the extension work especially for your store. To configure extension, from the backend go to System => Configuration => MAGE WORLD => Gallery Pro or Gallery Pro => Configuration.



  • In the Enable Gallery field, select Yes to display gallery on the frontend.
  • In the Enable Gallery Menu field, select Yes to display Gallery Menu on the top menu.
  • In the Enable Photo Review field, select Yes to allow customers to review the photos.
  • In the Enable Customer upload photos field, select customer groups that will be allowed to upload image to album on the frontend.
  • Album Suffix and Photo Suffix: Select the URL suffix for Album URL and Photo URL
  • The administrator can set the basic configuration for the albums.
  • In the Enable Search Gallery field, select Yes to allow your customers to find any photos on your site.

Album Default Configuration

In the configuration you can set default configuration for all albums. However you can also change these configures for each album when creating new album or editing an album at Gallery Pro => Manage Albums


Manage albums


Create a new album

To create a new album, go to Gallery Pro => Manage Albums
Click the button <Add Album>.

  • Album information tab including Album Name, Album Image, URL key, Parent Album Store View, Featured, Status, Order, Description and Bottom Description. (select Featured to be YES if you want to set the album to be a featured album)
  • Album configuration: If you want to use default configuration, please choose Yes in Use Default Configure

If you want to customize an album on display to be different than the default configuration please change the Use Default Configure field to No, and then enter information as you want.


Frontend overview

Here is example of an album on the frontend.


Manage Photos

Photos are managed at Gallery Pro => Manage Photos.

Add single photo

Go to Gallery Pro => Manage Photos, click the button <Add Photo>, enter Photo title, upload Photo image, select Album, enter the link for the Photo, Order and Description,


Add multiple photos

Our extension supports adding multiple photos (mass upload photos) from the “.zip” file.

  • Go to Gallery Pro => Manage Photos, click on the button <Upload Multiple Photos>
  • Select Upload File. Please note: the uploading “.zip” file must only include photos, not the folder. The name of every photos and “.zip” file must not contain special characters and space. Below is example.
  • In the File path field, insert URL key of photos (the path for every photos will be automatically generated from the text you insert. Ex: vouge1, vouge2... vougeN)
  • In the Base title field, insert the base title of every photos (every photo titles will be automatically generated from base tile. Ex: vouge1, vouge2... vougeN)

Frontend Overview

When clicking on an album, the album page will show all the photos as below:


Upload photos at the frontend (for your customers)

The extension allows customers to upload images on the frontend.

  • Go to an album’s page, and then click the button Upload photo to this album at the bottom of page.
  • Fulfill all the fields, and submit.
  • The photo needs to be approved by the administrator. Once administrator approved, it will be shown on the frontend.

Frontend overview


Manage reviews

The Gallery Pro module allows customers to review the photos. The administrators can manage the reviews easily.
To active the Review feature, the Enable Photo Review field needs to be enabled in the Configuration.
To manage Reviews, go to Gallery Pro => Manage reviews, list of all reviews will be showed with their status (pending, approved or not approved). The administrator can change status of reviews by selecting the review and selecting the actions to submit it.)
On the frontend, customers can leave their reviews in the photo page.

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