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Is this extension compatible with Affiliate Pro 3, Free Gift and One Step Checkout?

Yes, it is.

Are you able to run multiple rules at the same time so you have the potential for several gifts from different rules at the same time?

Yes, it’s possible. We have both the catelog rules and shopping cart rules. You can set priority rule processing on the back end.

Can the free items be selected by the customer from a number of specified products (that may be different prices and in different categories)?

Yes, it’s possible. In this case, you can configure the shopping cart rule in which you can allow customers to choose one among some free gifts. ==I want to know if the Free Gift Pro can show more than 1 gift. For example 3 gifts to choose from but the buyer can choose only one. Is that possible? In the category page or product page, you can show more than 1 free gift. But those gifts will be fixed. If you want to allows customers to choose 1 among some free gifts, you can configure the shopping cart rule. Customers can choose on the shopping cart.

I like to select a configurable product as free product. How should I do this?

Yes, you can have a 'configurable product' free gift with a shopping cart rule but NOT a catalog rule. Choose the products on the “Gift Items” tab.

Will this be compatible for ‘free gift’ items that are NOT available to purchase on the site?

At the moment, Free Gift Pro has not supported yet. Just available items on catelog search can be selected as free gifts.

Can I use your module to offer $10 Off an item plus a free gift?

Yes, it’s possible. For example, you can create rule promotion [Catalog Price Rules] which satifies: • [By Fixed Amount] = $10 • Set the conditions of the Free Gift

I want to set up a promotion program: "If customers place orders with the value ranging from USD 300 to 500 USD, the free gift will be a mouse; but for the value of more than USD 500, the free gift is a keyboard". How to make it work?

You need to create 2 shopping cart rules and use the two fields: "Priority" and "Stop Further Rules processing".
+ Firstly, create a rule with the priority "1" for the orders valued more than USD 500 and set "Yes" for the "Stop Further Rules processing" field.
+ Secondly, create a rule with the priority “2” for the orders valued more than USD 300.

I created a catalog rule as instructed. However in the frontend, i cannot see free gifts?

If everything is satisfied and you still cannot see free gifts in the frontend, this might be caused by not clicking the button “Save and apply”. Please go to that catalog rule and click this button.

I installed the Free Gift extension and now get the “404 not found” page in the backend. How to solve this?

If you got this problem, please do as follows:
1, Go to system-> cache management and clear cache
2, Log out from Admin Panel
3, Log in back.

My web shop is in the Dutch Language, how to translate your modules into this language?

You can translate the modules into this language through one of the two following ways:
1, Use Inline translation tool by going to the backend => System => Configuration => Developer => Translate Inline
2, Use CSV translation file: By default, the language of our extensions is English. If you want to translate it into other languages, please go to the folder \app\locale\en_US\MW_FreeGift.csv and copy this CSV file to your current locale folder, and then translate the text string of the second row.

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