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On the Front End:

  • There are 3 Daily Deal blocks you can choose or not choose to display.

- Today’s Deal Block – displays 1 deal at a time with countdown timer (you can choose to randomly display all active deals, featured deals or soonest expiring deals here)
- Active Deals Block (you select how many active deals to display at one time)
- Deals of the Week Block – Displays Active Deals for the upcoming week.

  • There is also a Daily Deal Page – 3 tabs listing ALL current, future and past deals (customers can access this page from active deals and deals of the week block ‘more’ or ‘view all’ links)

In the Back End:

  • Daily Deal Settings can be found under Promotions – Daily Deal Pro.
  • In the Manage Deals setting, you can see ALL Queued, Running and Ended Deals including deals generated by the Deal Generator.

- You can Add, edit, delete and schedule deals individually here. You can also decide to ‘feature’ particular deals in the daily deal blocks.

  • Deal Generator – Use to create multiple deals at once

+ Use fixed or percentage discount
+ Limit sale quantity
i. (You can also choose Randomly generated discounts and sale quantities)
+ Choose to have ALL or some of the products you selected on sale at one time from your chosen list
+ Choose the length of time item(s) on your Deal Generator list will be on sale until rotated to next sale item(s) (Deal Duration Cycle)
+ Choose how many days in advance deals are generated for.
+ With Deal Generator you decide how many deals are generated at one time. To choose how many sale products are displayed at one time go to the configuration tab. (All active deals will be displayed on the Daily Deal page).

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