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For instance, you can create 2 (or more) groups, a Default Affiliate Group and a VIP Affiliate Group.

Then you can create different programs for all or some groups. For example, you may want to create a
- basic affiliate program (A) that rewards ALL affiliates 5% commission on all orders and
- a preferred affiliate program (B) that rewards affiliates 7% commission on select products for a limited time.

You would then match the correct program to the correct group
(Ex: Match program A to the default affiliate group and program A&B to the VIP Affiliate group).

Let’s set up your Affiliate Groups and Programs first:

1.Create Affiliate Group in "Manage Affiliate Groups"

- Add Group and fill in the General Information fields
- You can set time and cash limits to how much each group member can earn from their referrals. (Also how long the referred customer will receive their discount)

  • Ex: Affiliates can earn commission for a maximum of 60 days or $1,000 from each new referral.

We will skip adding programs to the groups for now and finish this below.

2.Create Program in "Manage Programs"

- Add program
- Name program, add description, program priority
- Enable status to activate affiliate program.
- Choose save program from the title bar.
- Start/End date – leave blank if desired
- Set Conditions

  • Set Shopping cart conditions (conditions tab) if desired. Ex: Affiliate only to receive commission on shopping cart orders:

+ greater than $500 (subtotal condition) or
+ 5 or more items ( total items quantity condition)

  • Set Cart Item condition (affiliate commission/customer discount tab) if desired. Ex: Affiliate only earn commission when referred customer buys:

+ minimum $200 of Apple products (brand and subtotal condition) or
+ only on a particular category (ie. Cell phones – category condition) or
+ only when they buy particular product ex. Apple MacBook (SKU condition) or
+ 5 or more shirts (quantity and category conditions).

-Set desired Affiliate Commission and customer discount (see below) for this program. Set fixed or percentage commission. Example 5% OR $10 commission on each referred customer’s order.

- Assign program to correct Affiliate group in “Affiliate Groups” tab.

Multi-level Marketing:

- Go to Affiliate Commission/Customer Discount in the Manage Programs tab.
- In the 1st field separate subsequent multi-level marketing affiliate commission levels with a comma. Commission can be a fixed amount or a percentage of order ('x' or 'y%') Set as many levels as desired. If you set 3 levels and a 4th level is reached the 1st level will not receive a commission.

  • Ex. If affiliate A refers customer B who refers customer C who refers customer D and you set only 2 levels, customer B and C (who became affiliates) will receive commission from customer D’s order but original affiliate A will receive nothing.

Customer Discount

- To set a single customer discount to apply to all purchases (for limited time set in group settings) enter 'x' or 'y%' in the 'customer discount for subsequent purchases' field. (Ex: $5 per order or 7% of order total).

- To change discounts (percentage or fixed amount) for subsequent customer orders, separate discounts with commas in field. Last figure will apply for all subsequent purchases.

  • If you want a referred customer to receive 5% discount on first order and $10 discount on ALL subsequent orders (up to time set in affiliate group settings) enter 5%,10 in field.
  • If you want customer to receive 10% and $5 discount on first and second order but no discount on further orders enter 10%,5,0 in this field.

How your Affiliates can promote your site:

- Affiliates will automatically be given a personal referral link to your website (In their ‘My Affiliate’ Account) that they can embed in banners or copy to emails, blogs, IM etc to refer customers to your website.

- Once you have uploaded a banner and link in Manage Banners, Affiliates can copy and paste your banner to their website (Affiliates will earn commission from sales of referred customers who click on the banner and make a purchase according to your Affiliate program rules).

- Your affiliates will automatically see a ‘share this page’ link at the bottom of pages you specify (with the exception of pages you note in Configuration – General Settings). Affiliates can click on this link to share this page with friends via email or social media.

- Affiliates can also give their manual referral code to their customers to use.

Configure Settings in Configuration Tab

Finally, select your desired settings in the Configuration tabs and ‘Enable’ Affiliate Pro on the 1st tab to officially start your affiliate program.

Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your new Affiliate Program from Mage-World and it suits your needs.
To see more detailed extension descriptions please go to:
We appreciate any feedback you can give us at:
[email protected]
Visit our sandbox for examples of common configurations at:
Any further questions please contact us at:
If you would like to review this extension please visit:

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