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Go to System => Configurations => Mage World => Affiliate Lite (or Affiliate Lite => Configurations) to configure the extension.

General Settings

  • In the Enable Affiliate Lite field, select Yes to enable the module.
  • In the Auto approve Affiliate registration field, select Yes to automatically approve the affiliate registration. In case of No, the administrator has to go to Affiliate Lite => Manage Members => Pending Members to approve each new affiliate manually.
  • In the Enable customer to sign up on for the affiliate program on default customer registration form field; select one of three options (1. Enable, sign up check box, 2. Enable, sign up form, 3. Disable).
  • In the Extend default customer registration form to allow sign up box for affiliate program field, select Yes to overwrite the default registration form. Please be aware that if there are any other modules which also need to overwrite the registration form, a conflict may appear.
  • In the Do not display “Share this page” link on following pages field, insert the pages that you don’t want Affiliates to share. The selected pages will not have the Share this page link in the footer.

Front-end overview

Extended registration form




Manage Affiliate commission and Customer discount

  • In the Referred but Unregistered customer cookie to expire in field, specify a number of days, forexample 30 days. If an affiliate A invites an unregistered customer B , the invitation will be expired after 30 days.
  • In the Maximum number of days affiliate will earn commission from new registered customer (referral) and new referral will receive discount field, specify a number of days.
  • In the Maximum number of orders affiliate will earn commission from new referral and new referral will receive discount field, specify a number of orders.
  • In the Maximum commission affiliate can earn from each referral field, specify an amount of commission.
  • In the Set Affiliate Commission field, specify a fixed amount or a percentage rate when the commission will be calculated basing on the order value.
  • In the Set Customer Discount field, specify a fixed amount or a percentage rate when the discount value will be calculated basing on the order value.
  • In the Calculate affiliate commission field, please choose to calculate the commission before or after promotion discount.
  • In the Include taxes when calculating Affiliate commission field, select Yes if you want to include tax when calculating affiliate commission and customer discount.
  • In the Apply discount and commission for affiliates when they purchase products themselves field, select Yes to allow affiliates to receive discount and commission when they purchase products by themselves.
  • In the Add commission to account balance when order status is field, you can select an order status. The Default is “complete”. It means if an order is completed, then the commission will be added to Affiliate account balance..
  • In the Reverse commission from account balance when order status is field, select an order status. If a order switches to this statusthe system will automatically subtract commission that has been added before, from the affiliate’s balance.
  • In the Auto-subtract commission in case of customer refund field, select Yes to automatically subtract commission when the order is refunded.

Manage Affiliate Withdrawal Requests

  • In the Payment Processing Fee field, insert an amount of money as the payment fee. Note that if an affiliate withdraws, the amount that he receives equals to the withdrawal amount minus the payment processing fee.
  • In the Minimum Withdrawal Amount and Maximum Withdrawal Amount field, insert the minimum and maximum amount of money that you allow customers to withdraw.
  • In the Withdrawal period field, select weekly or monthly. If you select Weekly option, the Withdraw processing day field will show the weekly days for you to select. If you select Monthly option, the Withdraw processing day field will show the date for selecting. This is applied for automatic withdrawal option.
  • In the Payment Method field, click the button “Add payment method” to add the payment methods on your site. In the Payment Method Code field, insert the right code of the payment method (banktransfer, paypal). In the Enable Frontend field, insert Yes to show on frontend or No to hide the method.

Affiliate Email Notification Templates

These fields allow admin to choose email sender and email template for referrals. Sample templates are available (choose default ones).
Affiliate system will notify Affiliate member of balance change, new program, referral account’s status and more.

You can view and edit sample templates by going to


Admin Notification Template

The admin notification template tab manages notification emails for the administration.
The module supports multiple email addresses, coma separated.


Manage Affiliates

To manage affiliate members and approve new ones, please go to Affiliate Lite => Manage Affiliates. This menu includes 3 submenus: active affiliates, pending affiliates and all customers.

Active Affiliates

The Active Affiliates tab lists all active affiliates. Click on each affiliate to view the detail. The administrator can also disable the affiliates here. If an affiliate account is disabled, he/she will no longer receive the commission and discount as well as using affiliate functions until this account is enabled again.


View an active affiliate

The affiliate member information page lists all the information that relates to the affiliate as general, account balance, transaction history, invitation history, withdrawals and so on.
The general information tab stores information of affiliate account, payment method, referral code and reports current balance, total amount of received commission and total amount of paid out.


The Manual Adjustment/Payout tab allows the administrator to add or subtract affiliate balance manually by entering a number into the Manual Adjustment (For subtracting please enter ‘ -’ before the number, such as: -100). The comment for the transaction is also supported.
In the Payout field, the administrator can insert an amount of money to be paid out manually. This field is used when the administrator wants to pay the affiliate directly and will be updated to the Total Paid Out field in the General Information tab.


Pending Affiliates

If shop owner don’t set to automatically approve affiliate registration (in configuration); after a customer sign up affiliate system, his information will be listed in this page. Then, the administrator can select to approve or not approve pending members by selecting members and changing status at the Actions box.


All Customers

The All Customers page lists all customers on your site.
The Administrator can change affiliate parent here, applying for both general customers and affiliates. Select customers, select to change Affiliate parent at the Actions box, insert affiliate parent’s email to the Affiliate parent field, and submit.


Manage Affiliate Banners

You can create an affiliate banner by going to Affiliate Lite => Manage Banners.
An Affiliate can view and use the banners at My Account -> My Affiliate Banner section.


Manage Withdrawals

This menu includes Pending Withdrawals and All Withdrawals.
You can change transaction status of any withdrawal manually.
You can export withdrawal transaction to CSV or XML file.


View All Transactions

Commission history

The Commission History tab provides a general look at all Affiliate commission and discount history. Click on View to see detail.


This page allows admin to change commission status of order (commission status, not relate to order status).
There are two ways to change status: change by action (tick on orders, then change status at the action box) or Update Affiliate transaction via CSV (click on this button, then upload CSV file).
Sample CSV file (note order id that you want to change):


Transaction History

The Transaction history tab lists all information that relates to balance change (including time, affiliate email, transaction type, changing amount, end balance).


Affiliate Registration Link

This module provides a registration link for shop owner and he can place this link anywhere on site.
Please add the following direction after your site address

For example:
If non-Affiliate member click on this link, he will be directed to the registration page. Otherwise (in case of Affiliate member), he will see My Affiliate page.

How does the Affiliate use the system

Sign up for the Affiliate system

Guest can sign up to the Affiliate program while registering for your site at the Create an account page. Registered customer can sign up to Affiliate at My Account => My Affiliate Account.
The My Affiliate Account section at front-end has six tabs: My account info, My transaction history, My commission history, My withdrawal request, My invitations, and My affiliate banners.

Change the Affiliate Account Info

An affiliate can change his account info by going to:
My Account -> My Affiliate Account -> My Account Info


He can choose to make withdrawals automatically or manually. In case of manual withdrawals, insert the request amount and submit it at My Account/My Affiliate Account /My Withdrawal Request.
Reserve level is the amount of money that a customer wishes to always be remained in his account. This field is not required and its value depends on each customer.
Referral site: insert the customer’s site or the site that directs the customer to the store.

How to earn commission?

Using invitation link

For any pages that the affiliate visits, he will see Share this page at the site footer


When an affiliate clicks on Share this page, he will be directed to My Account/ My Affiliate/ My invitation. In this section, he will see the referral link; he can share this link anywhere.


Using banner

The affiliate can place Affiliate banners on websites, blogs or any social networks.
To take banners, he can go to My Account -> My Affiliate Account -> My Affiliate banners.


How to make a withdrawal?

An affiliate member can choose to make withdrawals automatically or manually. In case of manual withdrawals, he can go to My Account/ My Affiliate Account/ My withdrawal request


Other tabs at frontend

My Transaction History

Allow to view a list of placed orders of referred customers and the total commission for referral.


My Commission History

Show the current balance and transaction details.


My invitations / Invitation History

Show invitation history of affiliate members with their status.

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