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Magento Free Gift Extension

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Boost your Sales with Special Promotions
With flexible gifting rules, Free Gift Pro is the best tool for Magento stores to run special promotions. By installing this Magento extension, you are creating attractive incentives for both new customers and loyal customers. Line Chart and Statistics are provided to get insights of Order value and Gift value.

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Magento Compatibility:

+ CE 1.6.X, 1.7.X, 1.8.X,1.9.X
+ PE 1.9.X, 1.10.X
+ EE 1.10.X, 1.11.X, 1.12.X,1.13.X,1.14.X


- Copy and paste the folder /app to your Magento root folder. No file should be replaced.

Note: Make sure the ''app'' and ''skin'' directories of your Magento root folder and all directories inside it have full written permissions or set permissions on the each directory equal to 777 or 0777.

[Important] Change all permissions back after installation.

You can read more information about permission at

- Disable compilation

+ Log into Magento Admin Panel and go to System → Tools → Compilation and disable the compilation.

+ After the last step you can run the compilation process again.

- Refresh cache, and then go to System/setting/configuration/Free Gift

- If you see "Access denied" or "404 errors", please logout and login again

Any problems, please contact us via

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