Magento’s Pros & Cons

13 Jun 2012
Magento is now considered as one of the best E-commerce platforms out there. Let’s have an overview throughout the advantages and disadvantages of this outstanding E-commerce solution so that you can clearly understand and effectively utilize its good points.

Magento’s  main pros:

  • Magento is open source and built on the powerful Zend framework. It means that the store owners are flexible to modify or expand the platform up to their expectations provided that they work with a Magento expert team.

  • Magento has a large growing community of users, developers and service providers worldwide. The platform is evolving day by day, and there are a lot of commercial and free Magento Templates, Extensions & Modules available nowadays.

  • Magento has a lot of outstanding features including advanced promotion and marketing tools. It also has easy integration with many services such as Google Analytics, Google Base, Google Checkout, Google Website Optimizer and a number of payment services such as Paypal Express, Paypal Standard &Paypal Website Payments Pro and even much more!

Magento’s main cons:

  • Magento is a complex platform programmed based on the MVC approach & follows best web programming practices, so it is not easy to work with. Customizing Magento properly will take even a good developer much longer on any request than working with most other open source platforms. It means that you need to have an appropriate budget if you want to work with Magento. Besides, you’ll end up with more troubles, headaches, issues, time and money if you don’t do things right.

  • There are not many good Magento developer and it’s difficult to find a team including both good Magento developers & designers. Design, client side programming & server side programming are three web design field areas requiring completely different skills. In fact, it’s hard to find them all under one roof, especially when it is Magento.

  • Magento requires a good hosting environment & store management. In comparison with other simpler systems which will work pretty well anywhere, Magento will perform much poorly if the website is not properly hosted and setup. It means that you’ll have to pay for a good server and a good team to setup and manage your server.

Everything has two sides, so the most important thing to consider is to balance between these two to take full advantages of the good points.

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