18 Jun 2012
Nowadays, more and more merchants desire to develop their businesses online as well as to dominate the online market. However, most of them have difficulty in choosing the suitable source code. Here we will share some characteristics of Magento in order to help you understand more about the nature of this open source. You are sure to have heard about the power of Magento, but how strong is it?
  1. Have a good core system
  2. Meet various standards for online business website: product management, product group, customer management, order & shipping...
  3. Be able to further develop & customize the system:
    • Construction of multi-sector business system, supermarkets with many branches & warehouses...
    • Better connection with 3rd software system via a pre-built API or core.
    • Compatibility with Mobile, MAP…
    • Good response for SEO
  4. Develop multi-store model with many websites on the same system sharing the database of customers, products, server resource...
  5. Develop into invoice, product& warehouse management systems

The most obvious advantage that people highly appreciate is the flexibility for product configuration. You can create different product information packets to apply for the data entry process to save entry time while still ensuring a clear layout.

With online business, the key to success is to choose the right technology for the business platform. You should make the choice depending on business demands & financial resource.

Selecting the suitable source does not mean that you will gain benefits immediately. To run the business effectively, you need to prepare a budget for advertising including online advertising. This is the key factor deciding whether you are likely to succeed right away.

You need to have web systems to promote the policies in your plan – specifically the product discounts. With these programs, online business websites have to ensure that offline or online buyers are entitled to equal rights.

Promotion in Magento will help solve this problem and allow you to create all kinds of discounts.

Yea, so with Magento, your online business will grow faster and faster as well as experience great success far beyond your expectations!

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