Highlights of Magento Enterprise

05 Jun 2012
Magento Enterprise with strong marketing & merchandising tools, brilliant search capabilities, call center functionality and flexibility will help open your online store to endless possibilities. Moreover, Magento Enterprise provides merchants with great flexibility and control over the display, content and functionality of their online store. It is scalable and easily changed to meet most of merchant’s technical and business requirements.

1. Management System

Content Management System (CMS)
Magento’s CMS uses an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor with support for rich content and you can stage content before going live . Besides, it enables to build complex content pages, create multiple versions of a page in different languages and restrict publishing privileges within a single admin.

Customer Account Management
Magento Enterprise gives your customers special abilities on your site. They are allowed to access and control over their account information including personal information, primary billing & shipping address, shopping cart & orders, reviews, recent tags, ect. Analyzing customer account and address considerably attributes to the building of customized marketing campaigns and customer profiles.

Order and Return Management  
With Magento Enterprise, managing orders and returns is now quite easy for merchants and customers.
Ordering is now a fast, hassle-free and fully-transparent checkout process which assists customers with their shopping carts.
Returns and refunds can be administered by merchants or customers. Magento Enterprise also provides support for returns of simple, grouped, bundled or custom configured products and for multiple shipping methods

2. Sales Boosters

Marketing Tools
Magento Enterprise helps to attract more customers as well as increase conversion rates and sales by creating targeted, rule-based promotions & campaigns including banners and custom content or landing pages. In addition, it is also integrated with email marketing and newsletters.

Wish Lists
Thanks to Magento Enterprise, you can now raise revenue and capture valuable customer data with the gift registry or the wish lists. Those purchasing gifts with privacy settings can search for the registry by owner’s name, email or gift registry ID.

Gift Options
Ccustomers are now allowed to purchase physical and virtual gift certificates or cards for your store. This helps increase the average order value with gift wrap and gift message options to individual products or complete orders before check-out. Moreover, applicable pricing & taxes for gift wrapping options are easily set by admins.

Persistent Shopping Cart
Customers can start shopping and maintain items of their interest from one browsing session to the next and from multiple devices. When a customer logs in a site, a long-term cookie is established for his/her browser or device combination so that he/she can now view the contents of their shopping cart in subsequent sessions without logging in again.

3. Rich Merchandising  

Magento Enterprise enables to classify customers into groups and optimize marketing initiatives by identifying different customer groups using specific characteristics and/or value.
Besides, products can also be presented in ways that engage shoppers and increase average order size.

4. Page Performance and Search Capacities 

With Magento Enterprise, content is delivered faster and more effectively with full page caching for all users, scalable performance for transactions & orders, layered navigation & Solr search and order archiving for high volume businesses.

5. Report and Analytics 

Your businesses are now more easy with Report and Analytics Suite. It helps analyze the entire sale process on a website or storefront basis with a user-friendly Admin Dashboard. In this way, you can now have a thorough look at work and have strategies or campaigns to boost your businesses.

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