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Affiliate Comparison

Standard FeaturesAffiliate LiteAffiliate ProAffiliate Enterprise
  $96 $197 $495
Magento Edition Community Community Enterprise
Installation Included*
HTML/CSS Customization (4 hours)    
Extension upgrade lifetime lifetime lifetime
Extension Support lifetime lifetime lifetime + dedicated
Pay Per Sales (Store owner can set Percentage or Fixed Affiliate Commission per sale)
Referral Links / Banner (Store owner can upload banner with encrypted referral code and link to a specific category or product page)
Refer Friends (Affiliate can send email, share referral link on forum, blog, Facebook, Twitter  and other social media. Affiliate also can review all referral clicks, sign-up, purchases via their referral link)
Affiliate Account Management (Sign-up, approve, edit affiliate account)
Online Payment Supported (Paypal, Moneybooker,... Store owner can define more)
Limit length of time or amount of commission Affiliate can earn from each referral
Automatically reverse Affiliate commission when customer refunds  
Withdrawal Management (Store owner can set minimum, maximum payout, review and process withdraw request. Affiliate can choose to request withdrawal manually or automatically and set reserve level to be kept in their account)
Commission History (Affiliate / Store owner can review commission history with detailed referral sales)
Transaction History (Affiliate / Store owner can review detailed transaction history)
Email Notification (Commission update sent to affiliate, new affiliate request sent to admin)


Advanced FeaturesAffiliate LiteAffiliate ProAffiliate Enterprise
  $96 $197 $495
Multiple Level Affiliate Commission (Store owner can set tier commission on multiple affiliate levels)  

Multiple Affiliate Programs (Store owner can set different Affiliate commission and customer discount by: product, category, brand, affiliate group or cart conditions)  
Auto-Sign Up Affiliate (Customer can be added to affiliate program automatically)  
Affiliate Group (Store owner can define unlimited affiliate groups and set different commission levels per group with affiliate programs)  
Create limited time 'special' Affiliate promotions  
Ajax Invitation Form (Affiliate can refer friends directly on category or product page)  
Manual Referral Code (Affiliate will be assigned a manual referral code for offline marketing and refering)  
Affiliate Report (Admin can view detailed report in defined period of affiliate invitations, referral sales / commission or referral websites)  
Offline / Bank Transfer Payment (Support detail information for Bank transfer or Offline payment)  

Use credit to checkout (Affiliate can use commission credit to buy product)  
Pay per Lead (Store owner can decide to pay commission per referral sign-up / subscribers)  
Pay per Visitors (Allow to pay commission per number of referral visitors to your site)  
Direct Referral (Affiliate will get commission for all referrals from their verified affiliate websites automatically. Customer do not need to click on affiliate referral link or enter affiliate referral code)  
Affiliate Widget (Provide a small script to show featured / best sellers / new / manual selected products on affiliate websites)