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Promobox Installation Upgrading

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The extension includes 2 packages: Mcore package and Promobox Package. You need to install Mcore at first.

Mcore Installation

  • Extract the Mcore zip file
  • Use your favorite FTP/SFTP/SCP client (Filezilla, WinScp…) and upload the extracted folders directly into the root of your Magento installation.

Promobox Installation

  • Extract the Promobox zip file
  • Upload the extracted folders (/app, /skin, /js, /media) directly into the root of your Magento installation.
  • From the backend, refresh cache at System => Cache Management. Logout and login back.

License Activation

To activate the extension, please follow this instruction



  • After installing the module, if there is any negative effect on your site, you can quickly turn off the module by disabling the MW_Promobox.xml file in app/etc/module.
  • For any problems, please contact us via


Simply overwrite all old files, flush cache and then login from the backend page (It is important to update the database properly).

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