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Go to System => Configuration => MAGE WORLD => CMS Pro or CMS Pro => Configuration to configure the module


You can set common configuration in the General tab of CMS Pro configuration.


Category Menu Setting

  • In the Enable Top Menu field, select Yes to display category navigation on top menu.
  • In the Show Root Category Top Menu field, select Yes to display root category on top menu. (you can change name of root category by going to News Settings tab)
  • In the Show Menu on Sidebar field, select to show menu on left/right sidebar or hide it.
  • In the Sidebar Menu Style field, select Yes to display by dropdown menu or accordion.
  • In the Auto Collapse/Expand field, select Yes to enable (It is only applied if using Accordion for Sidebar Manu style).
  • In the Category Item Level field, select the level that you want to show. The system will show list of categories and sub-categories by the selected level.

News Settings

  • In the Enable news comment field, select Yes to allow customers to comment on news.
  • In the Enable Latest News Block field, select the position to display the latest news block on the side bar (right/left).
  • In the Enable News Searching Box field, select the position to display the searching box for news on the sidebar (right/left).
  • In the Number of latest news field, insert a number that is the number of news which will be shown at the latest new block.
  • In the Root CMS Pro Name field, insert the name for the root category of CMS Pro which will be shown on top menu. For the CMS Pro Namethe name includes characters and number, white space and other special characters will be replaced by the “-” sign. (Important: After changing name of root category, the administrator has to re-index Category at CMS Pro => Manage Categories).

Related Product Settings

Define how the related product is shown on the frontend.

  • In the Enable Related Products Block field, select the position to display the related products block on the side bar (left/right).
  • In the Number of Related Products field, insert a number that is the number of related products will be shown.

Related News Settings

  • In the Enable Related News Block field, select the position to display the related news block on side bar (left/right).
  • In the Number of Related News field, insert a number that is the number of related news will be shown.

Design Setting

Define the layout for the news page.


Manage Categories

You can change the name of root category at CMS Pro =>Configuration =>News Setting =>Root CMS Pro Name

Add new category

Go to CMS Pro => Manage Categories, click on the <Add Category> and enter information for the category
General Information Tab

  • Store View: select the store view
  • Category Name: Enter name of the categories
  • Parent Category: Select the parent category.
  • URL key: Should be leaved in blank so the URL will automatic generated from the Category Name
  • Order: displayed position on top menu/site menu at the frontend
  • Images: upload an image for the category.
  • Is Active: Select Enabled to active the category.
  • Description: Enter the category Description

Meta Information tab
In this tab, please enter Title, Meta Keyword and Meta Description


Frontend overview


Manage News

Add a News

You can add a new news by two ways, click on CMS Pro => Add News or click on the <Add News>button in CMS Pro => Manage News page


The News includes 7 tabs: General, Content, Meta Information, Design, Related Products, Related News, User Restriction:


  • Title: Insert title for the news
  • URL Key: Should be leaved in blank so the URL will automatic generated from the title
  • Categories: Select categories that the news belongs to.
  • Images: Upload an image for the news
  • Featured News: select yes, the news will be displayed in Featured News Block on the frontend.
  • Enable Comments: if it’s enabled, customers can comment on this news.
  • Is Active: select Enabled to active the news.


  • Summary: This is showed on the list news page and news detail page
  • Body: Enter content of the news
  • Tags: enter tags for the news, support auto-complete text.

Meta Information
In this tab, Please enter Title, Meta Keyword and Meta Description


Select the design for the news


Related Products
Select related products for the news.


Related News
Select related news to the news.


User Restriction

  • Group Restriction: multi-select, select groups that the news will be visible to.
  • Users Restriction: this tab allows administrator to restrict customers by inserting customer mails, then these customers could not read the news

Manage Comments

CMS Pro supports comments feature on the news. To allow customers to comment, enable comment for news.
On the frontend, customers can comment on the news detail page.


If customers left acomment, on the Backend the comment will be listed in the CMS Pro => Manage Comments and the administrator needs to approve it (enable)


Manage Tags

Add tags

Go to CMS Pro => Mange Tags, click on the Add tag button to add new tags. Insert tag name and define the status.
Back to Manage Tags page to view list of tags.


Define tags for news


To add tags for the news, you select the news and open the Tags tab in the New Information page (CMS Pro => Manage News, then select one news)
After finishing, go to CMS Pro =>Manage Tags to see the change (popularity was updated)


The popular tags will be showed on the block on the frontend, and the tags also show at the bottom of the news


How the cms pro work on frontend

Browse news by category


Search news


View tags


Featured news


Latest news


Related Products and related news

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