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Magento Compatibility: CE 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.0


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mSuper brings viewers a strong impression on a dynamic site with its youthful design(strong recommended for sports equipments shop). With this theme, our designer created for you a wide space to show your style, products and necessary information.

Plus with that, this theme is HTML & CSS validated carefully by our experienced experts. More importantly, mSuper is fully compatible with Magento version 1.4. Also, it is very easy to install, easy to use and edit.

License Note

(+) Allow: You have full permission to use or customize for your website or for your client website.

(-) Not allow: You are not allow to redistribute or resell this theme any where.

(*) Copyright: You must keep our copyright at the footer of the template. To remove it you have to purchase the theme with Remove Copyright option.


+ Compatible with all major browsers(IE6, IE7, IE8, FireFox, Safari, Chrome)

+ Optimized for fast loading

+ Easily customize with PSD files (included in the package)

+ SEO (Search Engine Optimization) compliant+ W3C HTML & CSS validated carefully

+ Support Magento v1.3.x and 1.4.x.


- This theme uses Smart Menu extension, Easy Banner extension.Please contact us to get the additional extension if you have purchased it.

1. If you buy Smart Menu extension:
Goto Admin/System/Configuration/Smart Menu

+ Override Default Shop By: Yes, Accordion

+ Enable Left Menu: Yes, Accordion.

 + Enable Right Menu: No.

+ Auto Expanding Shop By on Load: No

+ Auto Collapse / Expand: Yes.

+ Category Top Level: Level 1.

+ Category Item Level: All.

Note: To know detail you can see in README.TXT file in Smart Menu folder.


2. If you buy Easybanner extension:

Goto Admin/Easy Banner

+ Goto Admin/Easy Banner/ Manage Banners and click into addbanner button
*Banner information:

Identifier *: msuper

Title *   : Your banner title

Show Title  : No

Width (px) *: 649

Height (px)*: 309

Delay (ms) *: 3000

Status   :Enable

+Goto Admin/Easy Banner/ Manage Banner Items and click into add Banner Item.

*Banner Item information:

Banner*: msuper

Content*:Banner item content 

Note: To know detail you can see in README.TXT file in EasyBanner folder.


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