Magento One Step Checkout / Magento One Page Checkout - Magento One Step Checkout Pro

One Step Checkout extension for Magento

  • Log in via Facebook
  • Responsive design
  • Many payment methods supported
  • Easy to custom layout
Boost sales by up-sell banner

One Step Only

Reduce the standard 6 Step Checkout Process to just 1 Page

Increase Customer Loyalty

New Responsive Design

Work on all devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc) and support flat design

Make it limited

Easy to use

Easy to integrate and fully compatible with your Magento store and work with most of popular third party extensions

Make it limited

Multiple payment methods

Support all types of default Magento payment methods and Sagepay,,

  Release new One Step Checkout theme - Flat Design
  Allow Facebook Login on checkout page
  Support Gift Wrap feature
  Improve Terms and Conditions selection
  Easy to reset to default configuration
  • 1  Free installation
  • 3  Support until you get satisfaction

Regular Price: $149

Special Price: $89

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $149

Special Price: $89

Magento One Step Checkout / Magento One Page Checkout -

Magento One Step Checkout / Magento One Page Checkout -

For Your Customers

With Magento One Step Checkout Extension, customers can:
  • Log in via Facebook on checkout page NEW
  • Enter discount codes on checkout page HOT
  • Complete checkout process on one page only (One Page Checkout)
  • Add or subtract items from their carts on the checkout page
  • Log in quickly via a popup or create a new account when checking out
  • Send gift messages to friends with an order
  • Give comments when checking out
  • Check out on all types of devices – Responsive design
  • Select delivery date and time easily
  • Subscribe newsletter when checking out
  • Vote on poll on checkout page conveniently
  • Auto-fill country, city, state/province and zip code with Geo IP technology
  • Select an address from their address book
  • Auto-select default shipping method and payment method
  • Auto-update prices, taxes and totals when choosing Shipping or Payment methods
  • Choose delivery address different from billing address


With Magento One Page Checkout Extension, Store Owners can:
  • Be able to reset to default configuration NEW
  • Select theme style (Flat/ Classic) for checkout page NEW
  • Be able to change color style for the frontend display NEW
  • Enable/disable shopping cart to speed up checkout
  • Validate customer email by Ajax
  • Be able to change the checkout heading/ description
  • Set/ sort and customize fields as mandatory or optional
  • Be able to set default country, default shipping method and default payment method
  • Enable/ disable all address fields, set them as mandatory or optional
  • Be able to sort address fields as you want including: Company, City, Region, Telephone, Fax, Postal Codes and VAT/TAX number among others

More Convenient Features of Magento One Page Checkout Extension
  • Be able to manage the content of checkout “Terms and Conditions” NEW
  • Set up a price for gift wrap service NEW)
  • Auto-detect customers’ country, city, state/province and zip code with Geo IP technology HOT
  • Enable check box for approval of terms and conditions (terms displayed in popup)
  • Add poll on the checkout page
  • Verify VAT/TAX number for Europe Union countries
  • Enable/disable Newsletter subscription when checking out
  • Auto-update customers shipping method and shipping rates when they choose their country, city, region and zip code
  • Auto-update prices, taxes and totals when choosing Shipping or Payment methods
  • Manage delivery date, time and other components easily

Other Features

Many other features of Magento One Step Checkout Extension:
  • With the optimization of java script, the module runs 30% faster
  • Works perfectly with popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, IE 7,8+ and Safari
  • Upgrading and installation is easy, just copy and use
  • Configuration is easy and flexible
  • Frontend can be easily customized with HTML/CSS
  • Multiple stores and multiple languages supported
  • Full HTML contents supported

Magento One Step Checkout / Magento One Page Checkout -

Documentation & Support

Compatible with Magento
Community: 1.6.x - 1.9.x
Enterprise: 1.10.x - 1.14.x
Magento One Step Checkout / Magento One Page Checkout -
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36 Review(s) 4.9 /5

Dr P N N -

its a very nice extension. I am really impressed. Support is good but sometimes might be taking more time
Highly recommended!


I bought a couple of magento extensions from mage-world and this is one of them.
This extension had a conflict with our payment gate. The technical support was great. Special thanks to Phuong!
Great Extension & Service


I purchased this extension after comparing to many of the other Magento One Step Checkout extensions out there, and really happy I made the decision to go with this one.

After purchase I was contacted quickly regarding installation, and this was carried out within minutes.

Another extension (a store maintenance extension) was having a slight conflict preventing the checkout button working but the guys at Mage-World quickly identified this and sorted it for me without any issues. Top work.
Support is super!

Ruud -

We use several Mage-World extensions and I must say this is a trustworthy partner for Magento shop development! We had some minor issues that were solved in a heartbeat, Mage-World is highly recommended! Thanks!
Excellent Extension

TonyBF -

Excellent Extension, love the look and functionality. Took a while to get it running but the support guys were great.
Great extension, best suport


OneStep Checkout is great extension for any shop. Was installed on our shop to replace the old extension witch doesn't perform that great. We decide to install MageWorld OneStep Checkout because it is flexible, can be managed from magento admin panel and is also much faster then other extension that we had. - Highly Recommended for any Magento shop!
A 5 stars extensions

Imavision -

This is an excellent out of the box extension. Is compatible with my template and is responsive and i get more sales from mobile devices and also from PC.
Fantastic extension!

Zakir -

Its fantastic extension more importantly its responsive and fast compared to others. There was some modification required they help me right away. Thanks!
Great Extension

Vicki -

This one page extension works really well. I have quite a few of mage-worlds extensions now and to be honest it's now the first place I look as their service is brilliant and they are reasonably priced
Best Quality and Value One Step Checkout Around!

Christopher -

It's compatible with third party themes, responsive, and less expensive than the competition. What more could you ask for?
Excellent product, excellent service

Janne -

I can honestly say that I'm impressed with the speed and proffessionality of the customer service. We had some problems with installing, but got immediate response and got patch for the problem. Unfortunately the extension (core part) first broke our installation, so I recommend to backup your Magento first (as always should). I warmly recommend this company.
Excellent Services

Max -

I recently bought the module and installed. Had some problem with my theme but the guys worked it out and now works perfectly fine.
Really liked the services! Do what they say on their website which show they are professional. Did not ask me any more money to work it out!
Best Wishes!
Great company overall highly recommended.

Jason -

Although this module and the other eight or so are still on my testing site, all seems well and the support has been second to none-really. The responses have been quick, friendly and efficient. Give them a shot today.

Best regards
Highly recommended

Frank -

Although we got it for full price before the special, this extension is worth every penny. We use it on our Fitness website ( and already have seen our conversion go up! The customer support is awesome and the extension is fully customizable! 5+
Awesome extension.

Webmaster -

If one hesitate if he/she should buy this one from Mage-world DON'T!
Buy this awesome extension right away !!

Quick and smooth installation. Clearly documented.
A major customer saver. We receive many positive feedbacks from our customers after installing this extension.

Hope you to.

Highly recommend

David -

I just want to say that i am very satisfied with the One Step Check pro module I bought from MageWorld. I needed some extra modifications for my checkout and they have responded and supported me correctly to make those changes possible by modifying the module. A big advantage of their module is that you get 1 year free support and 1 year free updates (others only offer 3 to 6 months and their module is twice as expensive. This is very important as Magento keeps updating too. Nice product and very nice Support! Keep on the good work!
Very nice extension

Anton -

I compared also other extensions from other companies. This vendor offer really a great product and cheaper as other vendor do. Price of 149USD is also ok because the support at this company is really amazing.
Great extension with even better support

Guy Alony -

Very well designed one step checkout solution. Clear and clean design with a lot of backend "tuning" options.
I had been having some adjustment to be done because of a third party extension that had to work together with this module. The work had been done with a lot of patient by real professional guys.
Thank you so much !
Very good and important extension

Heinrich -

We bought this extionsion to improve our checkout conversion rates. This was the single most cost efficient purchase we made ever. Excellent service from the MageWorld staffs. MageWorld is one of the most impressive Magento vendors. Their products install very cleanly, the admin & front end interfaces are clean and comprehensible, and the support is TOP. Very recommended.
Great Service

Jo -

The OneStep Checkout makes the checkout process look much more appealing and user friendly.
The site intalled on was running an old version of Magento with other extensions, so there were a few hitches, but the support team were very responsive and sorted out all issues. Very reassuring.


I bought this extension with multi domain license so I can use for all my sites. It works fine for all. If I have a question, MageWorld usually reply it in hours. Very good customer service.
Many Thanks MageWorld


Easy to install, easy to setup and easy to use. The extension provided many options to customize on checkout step. Thanks.
Best onestepcheckout ever!! Great support!!


I was looking for a one step checkout for Magento and found this one. This works out of the box perfect!
Then my client wanted some adjustments on this one step checkout page, i contacted MageWorld on live chat, this guy really gives a new meaning to the word "support". He made the adjustments and tested everything for me and it works great! my client is happy and so am i :)
MageWorld keep up the good work and i will spread the word on this one, everybody that uses Magento should use this one page checkout for your site.
Highly Recommended! + Great Support!


This is a fantastic Extension for Magento! The ease of installation, the simplicity for your customers now to checkout in under 60 seconds will definitely improve sales! & customer experience! the support from MageWorld has been the best I have ever experienced! especially with their online chat... It is worthwhile to checkout this extension - Highly Recommended!


Well... Extension works as described.
I had A LOT of problems, because of an Extension i had on my installation.
I needed both extensions to work with each other and Wage World fixed that for me :)
They also translated what could not be translated via In Line.

Basically the extension is good, but the support is the BEST around :)
Superior Support


I purchased One Page Checkout for my site and had some problems with Pay Pal integration. Actually I think my problem was partly with Magento's Pay Pal(new api), however MageWorld helped me through my problem, and answered my questions quickly. Support staff even took a look at my site to get a sense of what was going on. It is rare to find this level of support with an extension. Thanks MageWorld!
The best estensions for Magento with great support


In my opinion this is definitely the best extensions you can get if you run a Magento e-store.
For a very reasonable price you get a super component which will really help you in increasing your sales on the internet, the very smart developer of this piece of cake, offers a STELLAR and effective support.
One Page Checkout is also fully customizable and very light weighted; in 3 words: SIMPLY THE BEST.
In my opinion we should encourage the great work of serious developers as MageWorld because Magento world needs them!
Great extension


Easy to install, easy to configure. I think All people need it for their site.
Super component


I bought this module and i had some problems with my template i was running on my website.
I send an e-mail to MageWorld the maker of the component. And he help t me solve the problem.
It's a perfect component, and will help my clients to shop and register and pay easier on my website.
Thanks for everything.

Best regards Jorik
Excellent Work

De vart

I used this extension for many sites. It works totally fine. The support is quick.
Very Nice


Very nice extension. There are many options for you to manage this. I love this module. 100% recommended.
Great support, awesome extension


Bought this extension couple of days ago and had problems with installation. Probably due to other extension that I use. So I send an email for support and Nguyet NGUYEN helped me out. He and his team fixed all problems and now its running like a charm! Thanks very much!

Hopefully this will give me more sales, but I bet it will.
Must have extension


it's a must have extension for any serious web store owner. This One Step Checkout Pro will make life easy for your customers as it combine 6 steps into only 1 step and will increase sales.

Great extension


I am very happy with this extension and the support from Mage World.
It's easy for me to install and really improves sales conversions.
Recommend this to everyone.
nice extension


The best extension I ever bought ! My boss love it too ! but ,there is a little problem hope that you can fix for me ! I want to add some downloadable products into my store , But if I only add downloadable product into shopping cart , I can't checkout !
My email is ! hope that you can contact me !
Great support and nice extension


A very nice and good working extension.
The support is also perfect.

Lovely greetings


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